Mark Mofid is making a difference

Mark Mofid, a plastic surgeon, has an office in La Jolla California which is in San Diego county. His staff is consist of himself, as well as a dermatologist who is his wife, and a nurse. Their services includes medical and cosmetic dermatology services, and cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Mark Mofid has also hired 4 full time front office staff, two surgical technologists and a nurse. He is always looking to hire more as he typically meets 20 or more applicants in person while looking for a great fit. Mark Mofid is always trying to help others find great jobs or their career paths in nursing etc.

Mark Mofid uses a Cutera laser for hair removal and vein treatments. He offers options for facial resurfacing with chemical peels and dermabrasion. Any laser services that they do not offer, they typically refer their patients to a laser facility in the community with whom they have an excellent relationship with.

Mark thrives at keeping his customers happy by using technologies that works and are safe for his patients. He believes that the best advertising is doing good work. Mark was asked about the worst decision he has ever made as a physician, and unfortunately, he hired a book keeper that had a criminal record that he had no knowledge of, which lead to another criminal conviction, and Mark was lead to do a criminal background check on all of his new employees going forward to keep from making the same mistake in the future.

Mark Mofid took risks by investing his own money and time trying to make things better and safer for the customers. He has been learning the gluteal augmentation industry for years while working closely with Dr. Raul Gonzalez, who is known as one of the skilled members of the gluteal augmentation industry in the world. While Mark Mofid is constantly researching and learning new ways for safer implants, he wants to make sure that all of his patients are satisfied as well as making sure he is the reason for the improvements in the gluteal augmentation industry.

How implants are being made safer in San Diego by Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is changing all the negative headlines about gluteal augmentation and thing are changing from the negativity to being better. In the community of the cosmetic medical Dr. Mark Mofid is known because of so many reasons. He is known as someone who knows exactly what he is talking about for he got his training at both Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. But he has other qualities expect him being educated and well trained Dr. Mark Mofid has shown that he can be an innovator in an industry.

One of the reasons why so many people respect Dr. Mark Mofid is because he has a stellar reputation and when it comes to medication safety practices, he adheres to all. He is constantly doing research and coming up with ways that things can be done differently so that to achieve better results. Mofid when it comes to innovations he will use an approach that science supports, examine the details and think beyond. The deep understanding he has when it comes to the body’s skin, muscles and fat will make him be in a better position to understand how things work.

He has been working so hard so that he will be able to develop those kinds of surgeries for the past eight years. The first time he was involved with the company he saw that there were so many chances for the future improvement. Instead of following the norm and doing things just as they were being done, he sought of saw that he could reinvent the whole industry.

One of the problems that were involved with gluteal augmentation in the past is that the implants that were being used were generic. Instead of Dr. Mark Mofid going on with the same product that was not even close to perfect, he examined some of the options he had and tried coming up with something new. Fortunately, after spending so many hours on the research, brainstorming, and designing. He was able to come up with a superior gluteal implant. The new implant has taken over the industry by storm because of so many reasons.

Imaging Advantage Continues to be an Industry Leader in Radiology

Radiology is one of the most important medical specialties in the world today. From X-Ray’s to MRI’s the ability to see what is unseen has changed the medical field today. Radiology is changing lives everyday and it is definitely worth taking a look into what is possible with Radiology today.


This was highly stressful for potential parents as they had no idea what they were preparing for. Ultrasound has permanently changed this as now parents are able to diagnosis any issues with their child before the birth. This can often have a life altering impact, as ultrasound technology has given doctors the time they need to help save the mother and the child. Ultrasound technology is continuing to evolve and it will definitely continue to have a major impact on the lives of families throughout the world.


Another extremely important form of radiology technology has been the MRI machine. MRI’s use magnetic fields along with radio waves in order to get a clearer view of medical issues in the body. This technology has been invaluable when it comes to diagnosing issues in the brain and throughout the body. Like the ultrasound, the MRI is invaluable in the fact that the MRI can save doctors precious time. As the MRI continues to improve the approach that neurosurgeons are able to take towards the brain and thus has proven to be a life changing resource for doctors.

There are many forms of extremely important radiology available today, but there is still a major difference between high quality radiology technology and low quality radiology technology. This difference can sometimes be measured in lives, so it is extremely important that high quality technology is utilized whenever possible. It is also important that the best possible radiologists use this technology. Radiology technology presents some inherent risks, and it is extremely important that you have a radiologist that knows what they are doing treat you. A high quality radiologist will be able to see things that others will not and be able to ensure that your radiology treatment is done in a way that is safe and effective. It is extremely important that you receive high quality radiology treatment when you are getting treated.


One of the best radiology companies on the planet today is Imaging Advantage. Imaging Advantage has become a leader in radiology by forming a network of high quality radiology experts to treat their patients. These radiology experts are extremely well trained in their field and are guaranteed to do the best possible job. Imaging Advantage is one of the best companies in radiology and you can definitely trust them to do a great job.


Radiology is a world changing medical technology that has permanently changed the way we see our bodies and the way patients are treated. If you would like the best possible radiology treatment, then you need to use Imaging Advantage.