Talk Fusion Improves Customer-Business Relationships Through Video Email And Newsletter Solutions

Businesses are always looking for ways to reach out to their customers and keep them coming back regularly to buy products and services, and recommend those products and services to friends. Having the right marketing techniques to do that make all the difference, and customers like marketing that’s shows them all the bells and whistles, but marketing that’s not intrusive or annoying to them. That’s where Talk Fusion comes in, a company that provides marketing platforms through video solutions through email, newsletters, live meeting, and chat programs. Talk Fusion’s solutions are simple to sign up for and are easily integrated into email platforms and can be used across any device.

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina, a man who has had a lot of fresh ideas and perspectives on how to make marketing easier for businesses. He’s been in the direct selling business for quite some time, but he founded Talk Fusion out of a purely recreational endeavor. Reina was on vacation one time when he took some short videos and wanted to send them back to his family through an email service, but could not do so because the files were too large to attach. He decided to work on a video email solution that could have a video feature built right into the email message without making it too bulky to store, and when that was completed he had created his own company, Talk Fusion.

Reina has been operating Talk Fusion now for nearly 10 years and continues to make the programs easier to use and purchase. Not only can his programs be bought directly by businesses for use, independent associates can market the video solutions to other businesses and earn commissions off of sales and trial signups. All the products of Talk Fusion are available for free trials and require no obligation to continue on into a paid membership.

Reina not only is a successful businessman, but a family man and a man active in his community. He has helped out local law enforcement agencies, non-profit health awareness groups, and youth sports. But probably his greatest passion is animal shelter and rescue groups and providing abandoned pets with loving, caring homes.


Get Your Business Noticed – Hire Wikipedia Writers to Create Your Page

Literally millions of people everyday use search engines like Google to look up information. The most referenced pages come up on the top of the list. Wikipedia is one of those pages. It has rapidly become the go-to page for pertinent information. Your business is no different here. When a potential client or customer can look up your business’s information on Wikipedia, it adds credibility to the business. For example; you want to explain some key points to a client, but you have no time on the schedule. You can have them peruse your Wikipedia page and there will be all of the relevant information they need. 

Having the company’s info updated on your Wiki page also adds a transparency to your business. It let’s the person or people know that the information is easy to access in detail. The power of using an open sourced site like this can be very beneficial for any business. It gives you the ability to instantly change or update relevant points of fact for any curious parties. Since all of the information is non-biased, it gives your business an authentic and credible source to reference. However, Wikipedia business page creation can be a headache as Wikipedia has instated a set of rigorous guidelines to be followed in order to make a Wikipedia page. This can be quite a headache, especially since if it is not done correctly (and there are a hundred things to do the right way), you Wiki page can and will be removed from Wikipedia regardless of the time yo put into it and intent you had. That’s why Wikipedia writing services are such a great benefit. Get Your Wiki is such a site that is dedicated to finding the most accomplished Wiki writers so you don’t have to worry about writing it yourself or finding a reliable Wikipedia writer to hire. It is a great page to help shape the image of any company. Not only that, it helps build your personal image as the head of the business you’re promoting.

The company is going to great lengths to ensure that it stays relevant and factual. There is an artificial intelligence editing tool in use by Wikipedia now that is called Object Revision Evaluation Service. It’s goal is to keep the information quality factual and to discourage any editors from posting bad information. The benefits of having a Wikipedia page are very many. The cost of doing so is nothing, unless you want to donate a few bucks to the site. Which is a great idea. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can be assured that you are contributing to the greater good. For your company’s image and your own. In this day and age, not having a page on this site for your business’s image is almost as bad as not advertising. People always want to know and this is a great way to do it.