Resilient Entrepreneur, Dr. S. Mark McKenna

Founder and CEO of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna is from New Orleans, LA and attended Tulane University where he earned his MD. After college Dr. McKenna who is licensed in Surgery and Medicine in both Florida and Georgia, started practicing medicine and also created the investment firm McKenna Venture Investments. Dr. McKenna’s investment firm was doing well until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, LA and destroyed much of the city including many of Dr. McKenna’s business interests. Dr. McKenna not willing to give up helped to rebuild New Orleans and helped to reconstruct low-moderate income housing to help the city rebound after such a devastating natural disaster. In 2007 Dr. Mark McKenna decided to move to Atlanta GA, and created a new medical practice called ShapeMed. In 2017 Dr. McKenna launched a new medical company that is taking a new approach to elective healthcare and is called OVME. ( OVME helps to bring minimally invasive cosmetic services to consumers through retail boutiques (

By 2014 Dr. Mark McKenna had established himself as both a medical doctor and an entrepreneur, but after selling ShapeMed he decided it was in his best interest to go back to school where he earned his executive MBA. Realizing it was never too late to learn, Dr. McKenna found his MBA coursework better prepared him to launch his latest business OVME. Dr. McKenna credits his parents with being great role models that helped him realize his ability to become a successful entrepreneur. In the new year Dr. McKenna is looking forward to his new venture and is excited to embark on a five-year growth plan that includes launching OVME in Atlanta GA, and Las Vegas NV. While Dr. Mark McKenna is excited with his current project, he is always full of ideas and looking to expand his business. One new trend is in crypto currency and Dr. McKenna stuck with the entrepreneur gene is not opposed to expanding his network and creating a way to bring new ideas like crypto currency to the general public. (

Southridge LLC, the ultimate brokers

Southridge Capital LLC is a 22-year-old company based in Connecticut and is private in nature. It provides brokerage services to its clients on matters to do with banking, investments, and securities. The company employs close o fifty professional workers who are highly qualified to provide these services to their clients. With well over one decade and another of successful existence, Southridge attributes its glory to its extraordinary team of executives.

According to PR Newswire, the executive team at Southridge Capital has given a new definition of distinct financial strategy. With a combined effort, they have been able to gain a very intuitive understanding of the market in which they are involved and made impressive investment choices over the years that amount to almost two billion US dollars in cash to establishments from multiple states in the globe. The team at Southridge takes pride in their ability to create customized financial plans for their clients and successfully put it to practice while considering all the demands and needs of the client and all the aspects of the industry in order to satisfy their clients and maintain their stature.

Southridge has been able to finance close to three hundred companies hence have developed a vast and deep understanding of the matters of concern that most start-up companies and how to deal with these concerns. With this knowledge, the company also gives corporate advice to developing and already developed companies and helps them to make goals that are realistic and develop plans to achieve these goals as well as give them advice on the management strategies that will lead them to success.

Southridge Capital LLC is headed by Mr. Stephen M Hicks who is the founder and Chief Executive officer. He is in charge of developing the businesses and coming up with the strategic direction that the company follows. Under him is a group of loyal employees who work at giving their clients the best and a group of leaders whose main purpose in life is to enhance the growth, development, profitability, and success of Southridge as a corporation.

Southridge’s latest venture has been the equity purchase agreement that it entered with Elite Data Services Inc. the agreement is worth five million US dollars and was arrived at in July 2015.

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What Makes Martin Lustgarten a Successful Investment Banker?


Most corporations have lots of activities to handle. These activities hinder them from raising money on their own. Therefore, an intermediary is needed to handle financial cases. This factor has contributed to the existence of investment banks. Investment banking it is the process through which investment banks raise capital for corporations for a fee. They underwrite debt and equity securities for all types of companies. Investment banks also guide issuers on stock placement.

Roles of Investment Banks and Investment Bankers

The primary role of investment banks is to serve as the intermediary between the corporations and the investors. This is done through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). IPOs help the companies raise money for expansions and growth to serve their clients better. Without investment banks, it could be hard for firms to raise funds.

Investment bankers are people who work for investment banks. They offer guidance to companies and corporations who are seeking money to boost or expand their businesses. They advise corporations whether to go public or find alternative ways of getting the money they need.

Another role of investment bankers is handling mergers and acquisitions. They help businesses to evaluate the worth of possible acquisitions and get it at a good price. They advise clients on where to and how to get the funds to finance the acquisitions and create a payment plan.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is one of the smartest investment bankers in the investment banking industry. He has been in the field for decades and dealt with thousands of clients. He has helped these clients to attain financial stability. Martin is a citizen of two countries i.e. Austria and Venezuela. He has made investments in these two countries. The move has benefited him a lot.

Martin experience in the field has helped in sharpening his skills and today he is one of the most relied upon investment banker. His success has attracted lots of companies and individuals to seek advisory from him. He is reputed as hardworking and successful investment banker. He can follow trends in the economy and make accurate predictions.