5 Tips to Learn from Chic Blogger Outfits


Trends come and go. Style is forever.

While everyone else, especially the front row crowd, is taking inspiration from the looks of the catwalks at Fashion Weeks, Who What Wear is turning to the bloggers covering the events. Classic pieces pulled together in ever-chic ways will always be fashionable. Style is forever after all. How can you steal their sense of cool to apply to your own wardrobe? Check out our favorite blogger looks below.

Natalie Suarez – Pair your colored jacket with luxurious neutral pieces, such as a gray hat and scarf and black tights and boots.

Maja Myh – Pair wide flair khaki trousers with a structured black trench coat. You can add a personal soft touch with a satin belt to create a striking silhouette.

Doina Ciobanu – Finding the perfect camel jacket will benefit you for a lifetime. Make sure it has nice draping when it is open so it carries over to Spring. Pair with classic black trousers and a white blouse. For flair, you can add a red scarf with a tight knot.

Charlotte Groeneveld – Pair your favorite moto jacket with contrasting accessories. If your jacket is black, find a luxe brown leather jacket and boots that create a clean line to dress it up.

Zina Charkoplia – Mixing classic pieces is how you can create a street edge. A pinstripe suit becomes Downtown when paired with pull-on sneakers and a white fur coat.

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