Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Quality Emergency Care

With a specialty in emergency medicine and a sub-specialty in general emergency medicine, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an experienced physician. He is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and has been licensed in both Louisiana and in Florida. Completing his residency at Louisiana State University, Dr. Forsthoefel is a graduate of the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Today he is one of 26 doctors at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare that work in his specialty.

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare’s modern facility provides a broad spectrum of services using modern and innovative technology. It is home to Big Bend’s only accredited cancer program in a community hospital. It is also home to the areas only state-designated Trauma Center. The need for staff to have the qualifications, skill and expertise to provide quality care is essential.

Dr. Forsthoefel’s skill is to evaluate and treat trauma patients in the ER. Since 2012 he has had admitting privileges with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. This is essential for those in need of care. In some cases these privileges can mean the difference between life or death. As a highly trained specialist, Dr. Forsthoefel is able to to assist in saving lives. He is charged with verifying that an individual is stable enough to leave the emergency room or to determine if there is the need for admittance or for supervised care.

Over the years Dr. Forsthoefel has encountered a variety of injuries and illnesses in the ER. With an exceptional knowledge of care, he has seen countless patients. His calm demeanor and gentle humor are highlights of his pleasant bedside manner. He is able to help patients of all ages and backgrounds feel at ease.

His training, work experience, and his dedication has given him the ability to diagnose and treat a broad range of ailments. He is able to determine severity and need for timely treatment. In addition, he is able to ascertain the most effective and most efficient way to treat a condition. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is highly trained to make urgent decisions in the event of medical crisis.

In practice since 2012 Dr. Forsthoefel, continually adheres to policies and updates in the fast moving medical field. In addition to his work in the ER, he also has his own practice in Tallahassee. If the need for emergency care arises, visit Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare for treatment by Dr. Eric Forsthoefel as an ideal option.


USHEALTH Group Inc – Offering A Vast Portfolio Of Custom-Tailored Healthcare Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group Inc is one of the most reputed and trusted names in the world of healthcare insurance in the United States. The company has headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, and through its family of companies and subsidiaries, sells and underwrites individual health insurance plans and other associated insurance products to individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses and its employees. Few of the core products of the company includes dental insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, income protection solutions, fixed indemnity medical insurance, specific illness protection, convertible life policy, disability insurance, and much more.



To address the specific needs and affordability of different customers, USHEALTH Group Inc has devised a wide array of insurance solutions that helps consumers get a considerable amount of choices, which helps them choose the protection as per their specific requirements. The company has served over 15 million customers so far and has over 50 years of collective experience in the field of healthcare insurance. One of the biggest reasons why USHEALTH Group Inc, has become America’s Trusted Choice in the field of healthcare insurance is because of the innovative insurance plans it offers to the consumers, which are tailor-made to suit the needs of different people precisely. These plans are flexible and allow the buyers to stay in control of their spending and the coverage they need.



The company is licensed as a health care insurance provider and has received A+ rating with Better Business Bureau, which is indicative of the high standards company follows in creating comprehensive healthcare insurance plans and services it offers to the consumers. In the market that is driven by high customer turnover and very low customer loyalty, the company aims to provide highly responsive and attentive services to its customers and develop a long lasting relationship. With a dedicated customer support service set up for the customers, the company aims to reassure customers of company’s commitment towards delivering what it promises, always.



USHEALTH Group Inc offers insurance plans underwritten through its two subsidiaries, namely National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company continues to develop new and innovative plans as the market evolves to cater to the specific needs of the customers. As the dynamics of the health care sector changes and evolves, the health care insurance needs to carve itself accordingly. And, this is what the USHEALTH Group Inc, has been able to do successfully in a custom tailored fashion for its consumers for over 50 years.



One of the missions of the company, which has become hugely famous for its contributions towards various charitable and social welfare causes, is its mission named HOPE. It stands for “Helping Other People Everyday,” and is a mission announced by Troy McQuagge when he became the President of the group. It makes voluntary monetary contributions and also engages in planning and distribution of aid and funds.