Ara Chackerian: The Motivating Factor behind His Successful Healthcare Business

Life experiences are important for anyone who wishes to succeed in career and business. It doesn’t matter what you do or intends to do, but undermining life experiences would be the beginning of your downfall. Most people don’t realize that most of the smartest ideas they come across or generate come from life experiences. Some of the people like Ara Chackerian who understood this early enough have done great things in this world today. Life experiences have taught Ara how to make conscious decisions always in anything. He says many people have great ideas on business and career, but they fail because they don’t make conscious decisions. For more details visit LinkedIn.


As a result of the impact Ara has on the healthcare industry, some people consider him a reputable angel investor. He has helped many healthcare companies to be successful and strong in the industry. He says he could not have become successful in business if he wasn’t brave enough to go out and see what the life experiences had for him. Ara Chackerian was lucky to grow in an environment where he was appreciated. His parents always motivated him to explore as many lucrative ideas as he could and execute them wisely. From Ara’s life experience, the parents can determine how successful their children could be in their careers. Check out



Ara doesn’t just have immense knowledge to start healthcare companies, but he also has vast experience to run them. He affirms that strategy and vision are the sources of his great strength. Ara Chackerian went to Florida State University to pursue a Business Management and Marketing degree. This made him a man of numerous partnerships with other great entrepreneurs. It helped him to learn how to appreciate and recognize the talents and skills every partner has. You can visit their website



After working in the health industry for some time, Ara felt convinced to come up with TMS Health Solutions together with some other like-minded entrepreneurs. As a co-founder of this great healthcare company, Ara aimed at providing improved healthcare services to the mental illness patients. Ara Chackerian later co-founded BMC Diagnostics and served as the CEO. He co-founded this second company to bring quality diagnostic imaging services closer to the people. Besides co-founding these two companies, he has also co-founded others like PSS/World Medical and PipelineRx.


Drew Madden’s Unmatched Team Leadership and Customer Relation Skills

As a passionate Healthcare IT entrepreneur, a committed business executive, and an industrial engineer by profession, Drew Madden’s contribution to the field of IT Healthcare can never be underestimated. He is among the managing partners of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. For five years between 2011 and 2016, he was holding the presidency position at Nordic Consulting Partners, an Epic consulting firm based in the United States but with a global network. During that period, he led the company to an unprecedented growth both in capacity and in structure.

Drew’s Achievements

Drew came in when the firm’s employee population was as low as ten and left when the population had grown to over 700 staff members. Client partners, on the other hand, increased from only three to more than 150 partners. The consequence of this was that Nordic had its annual revenue rise from a million dollars in 2010 to 130 million dollars in 2016. All these were made possible by his ability to mobilize his staff towards a common goal, his unmatched team leadership skills, his unique style of cultivating a positive company culture, and his emphasis to high-level of customer relations standards.

Drew Madden’s record at the helm of Nordic Consulting Partners speaks for itself. With the growth described there above, the firm attracted admiration from across the board and won a handful of prestigious awards. Among the many awards that the firm bagged was the KLAS awards– these awards recognize excellence in consultancy services. The firm also ranked top twice within a space of three years regarding Epic implementation services. With such achievements being realized during Drew’s tenure, he set the bar too high for his successors; they will have to do much to fit in his big shoes.

His Passion

By his own admission, Drew Madden’s main passion is to address the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) records regarding troubleshooting the different challenges associated with it. After leaving Nordic Consulting Partners and establishing Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has been keen on pushing for that passion. Prior to his job at Nordic, he worked as a senior epic consultant for Healthia Consulting/Ingenix Consulting.