Fabletics is Giving Amazon A Run for its Money

Because many consumers are conservative when it comes to spending money on a new product, businesses rely on the power of crowd sourcing to control the purchasing intention of consumers. The application of crowd sourcing in business is a strategy that aims at gaining a competitive advantage in the ever, evolving, industry of marketing. Most entrepreneurs would agree that for a consumer to purchase their product, a lot of persuasion takes place. This is mainly because it takes time and resources for a consumer to settle on purchasing the particular product. Crowd sourcing entails the ability of an already consuming client to convince prospective consumers that a product is either of high or low quality. Derived from the term a crowd, to mean more than one person, this strategy has extensively spread into the industry of business and marketing. One company that has succeeded in applying crowd sourcing is Fabletics, an apparels store that was formed with the intention of boosting women’s self esteem.


The input of crowd sourcing in Fabletics


Fabletics is an online –based store that sells active wear for women. The apparel comes in all sizes and shapes. One aspect about that has kept this company going is its ability to produce apparels that fit every woman. In America especially, Fabletics has garnered over 2,000 subscribers in the form of clients. Fabletics understands that women have complications when it comes to finding the right sizes. For plus-sized women especially, it was always impossible to find the right size of active wear before Fabletics was born. Most subscribers have given positive reviews in regards to the availability of sizes and comfort wear. It is through these reviews that other clients have decided to sign up with Fabletics. That better explains the strategy of crowd sourcing.


Utilizing crowd sourcing


Applying crowd sourcing in entrepreneurship is a major way of gaining ideas that would later benefit the business. Often, this strategy has assisted most businesses to understand the purchasing behavior of a client. At Fabletics, the co-founder, Kate Hudson, has analyzed the effects of having positive and negative feedback on the page. With her junior colleagues, she handles such issues on a personal level. Kate Hudson believes that clients need the attention of her management. Usually, this strategy seeks to identify the specialization of clients in terms of preferences and life style. Through a clear understanding of what is really required from her, Kate Hudson facilitates the designing and production of the right brand.




Fabletics had just been born when Kate Hudson stepped in as the assistant founder. Being into fashion and entertainment, she understood what the brand needed, in order to excel. Kate coordinated her team into a productive unit that generated stylish, unmatched, designs. Aside from quality, there is the price factor that is relatively affordable compared to most active wear apparels. With the ability to properly execute ideas, Kate Hudson invested in a constructive, interactive, website that has now taken the competitors by surprise. Kate Hudson has been on the lead of advocating for healthy lifestyles in women.

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Athletically and Leisurely Stylish

The athleisure trend is a look of combining athletic wear and fashion wear to create what can best be described as a hybrid look that’s athletically chic. An example of an athleisure outfit on en.wikipedia.org would be yoga leggings, sports sneakers, chunky sunglasses, a white loose shirt, a green anorak, a purse that could do double duty as a gym bag and an artsy scarf. A plethora of celebrities -especially models- that are regularly featured in style magazines or fashion blogs have been spotted wearing the athleisure style. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have regularly been out on the street wearing athleisure fashion after a good workout at the gym or other fitness classes elsewhere they may take. This may explain on http://corp.justfab.com/?action=brands.fabletics why so many models do the athleisure look as models must stay fit. Nearly daily trips to the gym are mandatory for their line of work.

On the popular website “Bustle” a writer outlined her fashion journey to wearing athleisure wear on youtube.com. She started by saying she’d always dressed somewhat tomboyish like as a young teen. She’d wear hoodies, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. When she was in college she switched up her style to being more feminine and dressy. She’d wear dresses, heels and accessories more frequently. When she started working she was always the most dressy person at the workplace and faced people noticing it and pointing it out to her. Even though she worked at a library and a day care she chose to dress in a somewhat “office job” look. She’d wear sensible shoes, sweaters, floral print skirts and tidy dresses. After her previous jobs on Facebook she began working as a full-time freelance writer and mostly wrote from home. This resulted in her not dressing up quite as much and switching her style to athleisure. Her outfits for work outs or going out for errands consist of tight fitting, neutral colored hoodies, shirts, yoga pants and leggings with sneakers. For a night out with friends she mentions an outfit of skinny jeans, a blue sweater, a jacket and a pair of sneakers. For dates or going out dancing she states she sticks to a form-fitting dresses and sneakers instead of high heels because sneakers are so much more comfortable and practical. She admits that yes her style game on http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos is far more relaxed than during her college years she still isn’t lazy about her fashion as she was in high school. Athleisure isn’t about being lazy with your fashion choices. It’s about choosing comfort and practicality for your outfits while still looking chic.

Fabletics is one fashion subscription seller that is an athleisure shopper’s dream come true. The Fabletics by Kate Hudson company has a wide selection of leggings, work out tops, fitted jogging jackets, tank tops, shorts, capris and sports bras. It’s a great place to start getting items for an athleisure look to put in your closet. Fabletics is a company that runs as a subscription service so you must shop each month for some Fabletics pieces. If you want to skip a month you can by logging into your account. There is also the option to shop as a guest without getting a subscription to the company, but the best prices are made available if you become a subscriber.

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