Bob Reina: The Brain Behind Talk Fusion Company

Bob Reina is the co-founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion, home to the World’s First All-in-One video Marketing solution. The company brags as been the hottest and fastest growing video communications company in the world. Bob Reina commitment to his organization, staff, international associates, and his vision towards creating a Billion Dollar Brand is what drives him and made Talk Fusion a success.

Reina promotes Talk Fusion products throughout the industry via direct sales. When it comes to sales revenue and growth, Talk Fusion currently ranks among the top 50 firms in Direct Selling Association. As a way of attracting more clients and promoting his brand, Bob’s favorite phrase is “invest your dreams in us, and we’ll help you accomplish your goals.”

Bob Reina ventured into the video industry after realizing that the universe needed a better solution when it came to sending and receiving videos over the internet. Bob Reina solution was to create Talk Fusion webinar services, in hopes of making communication in the business world more efficient. Talk Fusion offers a variety of useful products that you can’t resist but admire. Talk Fusion and Reina have been instrumental to the success and awareness of Humane Society in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Apart from been a mentor and influencer in Direct Sales Industry, Bob Reina is a man with a clear vision, direction, and purpose, something that has made his career a success. He recently joined Enterprise Radio as a mentor and commentator. Bob Reina devotes himself to finding new and effective ways of assisting people accomplish their goals and live their dreams by sharing innovative and cutting-edge video marketing products. He is also involved in charitable events. For instance, he recently launched a program that allows Talk Fusion show members to donate one free account to a charity group of their choice.

Talk Fusion company has been designed for each and every person in need of running a new business through direct selling. Apart from this, the company also covers each and every person who wants to communicate internationally using internet-enabled video calls. Talk Fusion is all about building futures, realizing dreams, and giving back to communities all over the continent.


Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Over For Coriant’s Pat DiePietro As CEO


It’s official and the company could not be happier. Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO to Coriant. The announcement came this week to a group of anxious people who watched Pat DiePietro move over to a sister company from his coveted role as CEO. As the leaders in optical transport, they had a responsibility to fill one of their biggest positions quickly. They felt Kheradpir was the perfect choice due to his long history in communications. With companies like GTE, Verizon and Bell-Atlantic under his belt, he was the sensible choice.

Kheradpir brings with him almost 30 years of experience in an industry that he loves and has dedicated his life too. It has been his passion since he graduated from collect at Cornell University. He was always destined to be successful as his father was a doctor in a prominent area of England. His journey to this country occurred when he wanted to attend a big name college and become something great. He found his niche while here, and he never left. Of Iranian descent, this man knew that he had tapped into something that would define his life. His first job was at GTE. GTE was the major telephone company during the 1990’s.

His leadership skills were of particular interest to Coriant. It’s not many people who can manage more than 7,000 people at one time, but that is exactly what he did when he worked for Verizon. GTE sold out to Bell-Atlantic, later on, Bell-Atlantic and Verizon merger. It didn’t matter what challenges they threw at him, he remained dedicated until he quit his position in 2011. Twenty-three years of triumphs and milestones with a company he loved. However, when a lucrative position at Barclays was present to give him the authority to sit on the executive team; he jumped at the chance.

Kheradpir doesn’t have a wife or children to keep him tied down, some say he is married to his career. He has dedicated his whole life to the business world and is ready to take on a new challenge like Coriant. His dedication to business has earned him a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and a Doctorate. Though he needs the educational background to fulfill such a position, he also needs the hand-on-experience too. Coriant thought he had the perfect blend of both worlds to bring their needs and his skills together. It was the perfect match.

Given time, Kheradpir will do amazing things as the president of Coriant. Since he has a reputation of saving money, they should love the changes he implements that will affect their bottom line. He was able to take overhead costs from 30 percent down to 20 percent for Verizon. With the economic woes that most companies face these days, any savings and wisdom he can implement into this company will be beneficial. However, Coriant is a leader in their industry and financial problems are not an issue. Consequently, if he can offer any savings, he will secure his position at this global giant.

For more about Shaygan Kheradpir, visit


Portia Kersten on Skout’s Success and Making it in Business

Skout’s Chief Financial Officer, Portia Kersten, has worked with the international platform to help unite people. Throughout her career, Kersten has worked with emerging companies and established institutions in need of guidance as they sought expanded growth in their markets. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Kersten discussed what it took for her to get to the position she now enjoys in the startup world and where Skout is headed next.

Kersten began live in poverty. And though that presented a set of challenges and barriers she had to work past, she found stimulation in books, teaching her the importance of prioritizing things that matter. This work ethic has led her to work at companies like GE, where she learned to meet the challenges of business in a rapidly-evolving era. Such skills were easily transferable to her position at Skout.

Though highly capable on her own, Kersten has been quick to applaud her staff as essential in making Skout function as effectively as it has, managing the expected demands of running a company while also pleasing the many clients who use their service all over the world.

But Kersten’s personal success in business as a woman, she attributed to her adaptability to situations, which she urges all women seeking to enter a similar field to consider before doing so. Though the demands and expectations are high, Kersten suggests that anyone seeking success in business not shy away from applying their ideas when they seem sound regardless of the expected reaction they might receive. It’s that challenge of confidence fallback to reticence, Kersten says, is the biggest challenge women face in business.

Kersten is taking that intrepid attitude and applying it towards Skout’s future abroad. After launching their service in the Philippines and monitoring their use of the app during a medical crisis in the company. Kersten hopes to encourage similar applications of Skout in the future.

Skout is the largest app of its kind designed to unite more people interested in developing new relationships. By approaching social media through a unique avenue, Skout seeks to maintain the genuine nature of forming relationships though technology. This allows users to determine the kind of relationship they wish to develop with those in their area, and gives parents oversight of their teens’ utilization of the app as users are separated by age group.

Currently the Skout community is comprised of speakers in 14 different languages in more than 180 countries around the world.

Get the app at

Status Labs Online Reputation Management

The internet has undoubtedly changed how modern public relations is conducted. Managing online reputation has become increasingly important as per Status Labs. They have improved the performance of web based businesses for years now. They use tactics associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks. That streamlines page content and makes it easier to view. It also makes websites correspond to standards imposed by prominent search engine networks. Status Labs operates out of Austin and caters to the needs of local business owners. New start ups need to hone their message before advertising to a select network.

Learn To Announce News Events

Even businesses will discuss some of the recent trends in media. New reputation management techniques have made e-mails and postings popular. Owners can send out mass messages to their fan base whenever possible. That increases the chances that reputation will be improved via a website. New messages stand a good chance of impressing visitors. These messages may also be personalized with web content and other networks.

New Reach With Offices

Status Labs maintains a network of offices in major city locations. International reach is perhaps the biggest advantage to hiring the team. Going above and beyond always seems to attract attention from viewers. Offices in New York City and San Francisco connect with major organizations. New investors may sign on to support business leaders in new settings. These factors combine to improve the standing of the CEO in charge.

Introducing a new product is always tricky proposition for businesses. Each CEO has conceptualized a unique marketing spin for products. But Status Labs has their own approach that gets proven results.

Write Personalized Stories

Every member of an office team understands how to improve business performance. They are valuable professionals in their own right. Status Labs may write biographies or interview new members of a prominent company. Online reputation management has to be personalized in ways that improve future holdings. Capturing user attention is perhaps the best option for resource strapped teams. A biography is a composition that explains important components of improvised strategy.

Wikipedia Editing Basics

Wikipedia is a site that attracts millions of visitors daily. The site is basically an encyclopedia that delivers instant information on a multitude of topics. However, the site differs in a number of ways from other information sites. Wikipedia allows the visitors to edit the articles on the web-site. For example, a visitor might choose to perform a slight edit or a very detailed edit. The fact is that Wikipedia exists because people across the Internet have contributed articles or edited work on the web pages and helped the site to grow.

Getting Started Editing
Here is something to take note of, before getting started. Registering on the site is optional. A contributor could easily start editing without registering. However, a serious contributor might prefer to register. Here is something else that is important to note. Some articles are locked down. Wikipedia writers are not allowed to edit those articles. Those articles usually have a lock icon in the top right side of the Wikipedia page. Don’t worry if that first page is locked down. There are millions of other pages that you are able to freely edit.

Many new contributors to Wikipedia like to jump right in and start editing their first article or even writing a complete article. However, it is suggested that the new contributor get familiar with the site and the article formats. Click around the site and read several articles on varied topics. Note the tone of the articles and the way they are composed. It is also suggested that the new writer take a look at the Wikipedia Editing Policy and Contributing to Wikipedia. Take it slow, and grow with the site.

Writing a Wikipedia article is tempting. Still, it is suggested that the new writer start by editing a few articles to really get familiar with the content on Wikipedia and the preferred writing style.

Uber Cash Options

Chances are that you may have tried Uber at least once in your life. Uber is a ride share program and it’s perfect in a variety of situations. Perhaps you are going out for a night of drinking and know that you don’t want to have your car with you. Or perhaps you don’t even have a car in the first place and you need to get somewhere quickly, and decently priced.

The one thing that Uber is known for is the fact that you complete all transactions through an app on your phone. It connects right through your credit card so you can pay and go. Folks at Anastasia Date ( agree that this is convenient except of course if you don’t have a credit card. Then what are you expected to do?

According to BuzzFeed in Hyderabad, India they have a solution for that. They are now offering the option of paying with cash! It’s unknown if this will spread past India but for them it’s a great idea. Not everybody has a credit card, and it’s nice that Uber is taking this into consideration. There are people out there that get denied a ride every day because they don’t have the means to pay. They’re then forced to look at other options like taxis which offer cash or credit options.

Has Apple Gone Too Far?

The executives at Apple just might has pushed a little too hard with their aggressive tactics. The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission now want to take a closer look at the way Apple approaches its streaming ventures.

Most notably, Apple played hardball with Jay Z when the entertainer launched a streaming music service. Reportedly, Apple put a policy in place stating any musicians who provide exclusive music for Jay Z’s company would be barred from Apple’s streaming service. This is but one out of many complaints levied at Apple. The tech giant has also been pushing companies to get rid of free services so as not to compete with Apple’s subscription offerings.

InfoMoney mentioned that Fersen Lambranho considers reports of this nature to be shocking. After all, Apple has massive wealth reserves. Why would the company try and bully smaller outfits? Basically, Apple wants to preserve its status and eliminate competition.

Hopefully, Apple will resist the urge to become bullying and greedy.  Then again, Apple may be forced to change course unless it wishes to be sued and/or fined by regulatory agencies.

Resurrection: Is Microsoft Making a Comeback?

With the release of the Apple Watch last week and a growing number of third-party indie developers of new technology you may be wondering “Where is Microsoft in all this?” While you may have not heard about their plans, this industry giant is poised to make a giant comeback within the next 3 years. To be approximate, a billion devices in 3 short years.

 Since then, this information age has shifted towards the use of mobile devices, but Microsoft has yet to capitalize on this new shift according to Torchin. So what caused this failure? Does this have something to do with their huge plans?Due to a shift in vision around the new millennium in an attempt to dictate the market instead of giving focus on what consumers wanted, Microsoft had a number of failures from Zune, Vista, and even Windows 8.

Microsoft’s ambitious plan plans on making Windows 10 an operating sensation on 1 billion devices by 3 years, though it has to make up for lost time if it wants to be considered seriously. Both Android and iOS have an application advantage over the latecomer, but Windows is confident. By adopting a new system that will make it beyond simple for Developers to create new apps on a basic browser, Microsoft hopes this will attract enough attention to merit a catch up period.


The Latest Product from Tesla Motors could Power Homes and Businesses More Efficiently

Elon Musk is certainly a man of much ambition. His latest work coming from his company Tesla Motors could help revolutionize how people use power at their homes and businesses. A new product, set to be unveiled at the end of April, has been much anticipated and speculated upon. Most believe it to be a battery backup that could be used in the home or office.

Having a battery backup has several obvious advantages. The backup could be connected to the main power grid and charged during off-peak hours to save on monthly energy costs. Combining this with FreedomPop’s free wireless services could be huge savings for your household, and it could also be easily integrated with renewable power sources such as solar or wind. Having a battery backup in your home could also keep essential functionality online such as heating and refrigeration during a power outage.

Some details have already been leaked from beta testers of the new backup battery system. It is said to be a standard lithium ion battery, much like the ones used in Tesla Motors’ vehicles, in an attractive package. Financing may be available to public offering batteries for as little as $1,500 down with a monthly payment of as little as $15, making the new batteries very budget-friendly.

Tesla Working on Home Batteries

In the future Tesla may lease its home batteries rather than sell them to customers. The large batteries are meant to be kept in your home and used to store energy so you can access it later on. Mark Ahn (wikipedia) wonders: Why would you want to do that? There are a few reasons. In a traditional power setup, electricity that is sent to your home is then cycled back to the grid when you don’t use it. With the batteries, that energy could be stored instead of thrown back. Even better, the batteries could be set up so that they gather power when the electricity is the least expensive, and then store it for use later on when things get more expensive. Over time that could save you some serious cash.

Besides the cost benefits, stored power has some use benefits as well. If for some reason your town was to lose power, either for just a few hours due to a storm, or for days due to a larger issue, you would be able to still have power in your home, at least for a little while.