The Philanthropic Efforts of Stream Energy

Corporate philanthropy is one of the most outstanding values of Stream. Recently, the company launched ‘Stream Cares’ which is a charity foundation. The company started the foundation to make things formal about the philanthropic activities it carries out in different parts of the US. The company has been active for over 12 years in giving funds to the needy.

When Hurricane Harvey occurred, Stream demonstrated to other companies how conducting charity work is incorporated into its practices. The company does not only offer funds but human resources. Most companies participate in philanthropic activities but do not launch a separate department to take care of such issues. Philanthropy is important to any given community because it is beneficial to the company and those in need. For instance, the company that gives to the community earns loyalty as well as the respect of everyone. Philanthropy is an excellent buffer to a company when profits decrease, scandals arise, and hard times prevail.

Based on statistics, most companies located in the US are extraordinarily generous. Businesses donated $19 billion to various charities in 2016. However, such contributions are not the same as donations of time, individual employee contribution or corporate sponsorship. Stream Energy is an example of a company that has a good reputation for giving to the community.

Stream Energy employs a simple model. Direct selling of energy helps the company in paying associates thus leading to loyal clients.Stream Energy also offers a broad range of services which include virtual doctors, corporate services, clean energy, and fixed rates of power among others. Stream also provides mobile phone plans and residential services.

The associates of the company also get commissions on sales made. Homelessness is a major concern of the company. Employees of Stream, as well as the company’s management team, track the state of homelessness in Dallas. It was noted that there was a 24 percent rise in homelessness in the area. Through Hope Supply Company, Stream Energy was able to reduce the increased rate of homelessness. Thousands of children are able to benefit from the same on a regular basis. Hope Supply Co. offers products such as diapers, clothing, and school items among others. Stream Energy has partnered with the charity for over four years.

The BBB Torch Award is presented to Aloha Construction!

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) awarded Aloha Construction their Torch Award for continued excellence in Marketplace Ethics earlier this year. This award, being a magnificent feat for Aloha Construction and their reputation, was received with pure honor. The BBB Torch Award is used to recognize hard-working businesses for their quality work and honesty staying consistent throughout long periods of time.

Aloha Construction makes clear that they truly care about their customers. It is obvious that they understand the importance of having their customers be their top priority, and by no means would every jeopardize the comfort of them. So much so that they have been recognized by the Bureau in the past for their great job in providing exceptional service.

Not only have they been known for their customer service expertise, but they have also proved time and time again that they are also great at keeping their employees comfortable. This is another reason as to why they have received the honorable Torch Award. They continually recognize their dedicated employees and even reward some for their amazing hard work. Much more than one could say about other companies. In the words of Dave Farbaky, CEO of Aloha Construction, he refers to his employees as “family”.

Winning this award has meant a lot to the Illinois-based company, and one of the most prominent reasons why is because of how they prioritize their community in Illinois. They provide countless examples of sponsorship to a variety of athletes, provide financial aid to the Bloomington Boys’ and Girls’ club, and many more services to the community can be observed as well.

All in all, the amazing qualities listed in this article just go to show the fact that Aloha Construction has earned every bit of this award. They prioritize their customers, take good care of their employees, and even give back to the community in any way they can. These many examples prove how deserving Aloha Construction truly was of winning the BBB Torch Award.

Greg Secker: The Multifaceted Businessman and International Speaker

When Greg Secker is mentioned in business circles, he elicits an aura of a multifaceted businessman. The 42-year-old businessman has several feathers in his cap. He is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, master trader and an international speaker. Secker has founded Knowledge to Action group, an umbrella trading company that has several subsidiary companies under its wings. FX Capital, a forex investment service, SmartCharts Software for the latest trading technology and Capital Index which is a new brokerage firm. He also has the Greg Secker foundation which commits to positively impacting and improving lives of people around the globe.

Conversely, Greg says it is important to think of an idea and its outlook in several stages, fall in love with what you vision as the outcome, and then imagine the steps you would take for you to get to the right outcome. Greg believes that freedom of thought, choice, and companies competing for client’s business are a culmination of technology. This is the trend of power dissemination through the major players in the electronic media, and it’s the most exciting.

As an entrepreneur, Greg says having adequate time to think makes him more productive. Furthermore, he says when we have more time to work, we encroach on the time that we ought to take and think, or make something better. Greg once worked in a bar for a short while, but he did not like it. He, however, learned how to deal with people upfront by observing their body language. This helped him in knowing what tact to use for things to run well.

As an entrepreneur, Greg recommends reading books in no particular order. He also likes reading autobiographies of people known for their strong character other than their fame or fortune. Thinking of a strategy, testing it and putting the best foot forward have helped Greg Grow in his business. He says one should truly fear the fear of not doing something that one could have excelled at.

About Greg Secker

Born in 1975, Greg Secker is an English businessman, Founder of Knowledge to Action and author. He has expertise in foreign exchange and international education in financial trading. Greg is an international and motivational speaker and has been invited to speak alongside other notable speakers around the world. Greg Secker is committed to improving the lives of people through his not-for-profit organization dubbed The Greg Secker Foundation.

He has managed to Create and run of the most successful trading companies in Europe. He is committed to helping people learn how to become successful entrepreneurs. He is married and has three children.