Aloha Construction Dissected

Aloha Construction is one of the leading and most widely sought general contractors that serve Illinois and the entire Midwest region. This firm has transformed to become one of the most successful companies across the globe to the extent of hiring hundreds of inspectors, supervisors, installers, claim specialists, and office teams that work in unison with each other. To date, this company has more than 20,000 complete local ventures/projects under its belt.


Are you aware that Aloha Construction is a family-owned business headed by Dave Farbaky who acts as the company’s CEO and President? Since its inception, the firm has gone rapid transformation and significant changes to the extent of standing out as one of the most dependable general contractors in Illinois. As of today, the firm is classified as an industry pioneer well-known for unmatched safety, excellence, and integrity throughout the construction process.


Since the company opened for business, it has been its desire to maintain honesty and professionalism with who they relate with, be they business associates, suppliers, subcontractors, company agents, and arguably the most important: its clients. Several teams at Aloha have always ensured that surpassing customer satisfaction in every area is made a habit as opposed to an act.

Aloha Construction Services and its BBB Torch Award


Aloha Construction can help you in a lot of areas. Are you a resident of Illinois or the entire Midwest region and in need of property inspections, gutter cleaning services, roof replacement, and repair or siding installation? Better yet, do you need a firm to replace your windows, do home remodeling, carpet cleaning or mold removal? Look no further. These are just an inch of the services that this company offers.


As mentioned earlier, Aloha Construction is a market leader when it comes to general contracting. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is known for awarding its prestigious award to companies that demonstrate excellent ethical practices in their business dealings. In 2017, Aloha Construction was honored with this award for its ethical initiatives. The company was honored for conducting its business dealings in a fashionable and astounding ethical means.

Adam Milstein calls on the U.S to oppose anti-semitism

Adam Milstein is an Israeli businessman and a philanthropist. He is one of the people who has done so much in making sure that the identity of the Jewish community is protected. The community is under pressure from anti-Semitism supporters in different parts of the world. According to statistics, the number of cases reported in the United States and Europe has been going up in recent years. This is a worrying trend for people who have witnessed the adverse effects of anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein who was alive and witnessed the Holocaust knows how bad it can be for the community. With all the enemies that Jewish community current face, the solution to the challenge they have can only be unity. The unity of the Jews is their strength, and the sooner they realize that, the better.


Adam Milstein knows this very well, and that is why he has been very passionate about making efforts to try and unite the community together. Adam who lives in the United States has been trying to build a strong community of Jews who live in the U.S. He has created organizations which bring together the community and encourage them to support their motherland. One way of ensuring that they support the Jewish State of Israel is by teaching them about their real identity. Once they know who they are, they will be in a position to stand up and fight against people who are trying to push ideologies which might lead to seclusion of the Jews from the rest of the world.


Adam Milstein is optimistic that the community will not just sit and watch as agents of anti-Semitism try to push their agenda. Milstein is using foreign countries such as the United States and others in Europe to oppose the idea of anti-Semitism as it is being pushed by people who do not have the interests of democracy at heart. Israel being the only democratic country in the Middle East is under pressure from countries in the region who are ruled by dictators who not only oppose democracy but anything about westernization. They do not believe in the things that a country like the United States stands for.

Dr. Dov Rand teaches on how patients can use hormones to reset the metabolism

Dr. Dov Rand has one desire, and that is he will be able to assist the patients that have the healthy aging issues. He uses the training and experience that he has gained over the years so that to change the lives of people positively. Dr. Dov Rand offers his services at Healthy Medical Center he advises that patients on methods they can use for the weight loss. And during the aging process the conditions that the patients can expect. The approach that he has when it comes to the regenerative medicine has been the means that he has been using so that to offer the patients with options they can use so that to get the benefits from the integrative care. (patch)

The training that he got from Albert Einstein Medical Center that’s based in New York is so extensive it has been of help. The practices that Dr. Dov Rand uses focus on the wellness of the patients by use of IV nutrient therapy and other solutions that will help with the needs of patients that want weight loss and help with aging. The passion that he has in seeing that the outcome achieved is excellent inspires him to come up with programs that will address the individual needs of each patients that seeks his services. Through the programs that Dr. Dov Rand has come up with he can prevent diseases, health restoration, healthy aging and improve vitality. Dr. Dov can help the patients to face the issues that will limit the joy that they may have for living by giving them the chance of getting the relief that they need.

At the Healthy Medical Center, the patients can get the innovative approaches to assist with menopause symptoms like mood swings, anxiety, depression, weight gain, hot flashes and the high blood pressure by the use of Dr. Dov’s treatment regimens patients can get there relief. Dr. Dov Rand came up with an HCG diet plan that would help the patient that wants to lose weight. With the use of the program the patients can get remarkable results. By use of the hormones that will cause the patients to eat fewer calories and not even feel hungry.


Parents Breathe Sigh of Relief with TeenSafe

Technology is a popular source of communication among today’s youth. Electronics such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops are the most common devices used in connection with cyberbullying. Webster defines cyberbullying as, “The electronic posting of mean-spirited messages about a person.” This is usually done by someone who is close to the victim or someone who wants to gain revenge on that person.


The effects of cyberbullying arise from any type of situation from sexuality, race, personal appearance, and even disabilities. Adolescents are among those who are cyberbullied at least once during their middle and high school years. It can be anything from hurtful comments too offensive videos that are displayed online for everyone to see. This is what will cause vicious rumors to circulate making the victim look like an evil person when in fact, the person sending the messages is the evil one. These issues can vary between male and female roles. For instance, females are more likely to text disgraceful messages to their friends while males tend to send videos or photos instead. Either way, the victim at hand will have to suffer the outcome.


The victims can be severely affected by the trauma that cyberbullying will have on a teenager. Their self-esteem will decrease, grades will drop, and they may even have thoughts of ending their life, also thoughts of retaliating against the cyberbully. Most victims will know who the cyberbully is.


Most cyberbullies may not realize that bullying classmates online is indeed a crime and a very serious one. In fact, anyone who sends an explicit photo or video can be labeled as child pornography. This isn’t something that adolescents will want on their record when they apply for college or employment. It’s important for parents to be aware of their child’s phone activities regularly.


TeenSafe is a great way for parents to understand what their teenage children are doing online daily. Whether it’s on their phone, tablet, or computer, teenagers don’t realize that not only are they hurting someone else, they’re also making it difficult for themselves. TeenSafe can help parents feel at ease.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals: making changes for the future

Marathon Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Is known as a biopharmaceutical company that researches, develops, makes treatments for rare neurological and disorders dealing with the muscular part of the body. Founded in 2008 and is based in Northbrook, Illinois. They also have additional offices in Chicago, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. Their target market focused on extremely rare muscular diseases, impacting fewer than 200,000 patients in the United States. Since their focus was on late-stage drugs they received the regulatory approvals needed and was able to manufacture and commercialized the medicines with direct impact to their focused patients. They also provided assistance to eligible patients with financial hardships and help secure assistance through the National Organizations of Rare Disorders (NORD) and similar patient support groups.


They specialize in treating rare diseases of the muscles; including muscular dystrophy, inflammatory myopathy and arthritis. While they do treat other diseases of the muscles their focus is mainly in therapeutics. Since their Inception Marathon Pharma has created several medicines that helped ailing patients be comforted and were able to manage movement better because of their groundbreaking treatments. They conducted over 15 new preclinical and clinical studies in support of their new drug being submitted to the FDA. The folks at Marathon Pharmaceutical were able to obtain a great amount of support when it came to the investing into the research of the medicines they created for patients. Their post market research added to popular use of the drug. One particular study examined the various dose regimens in younger patients to determine if the intervention was safe for use, and it was. A second study examined various dose regimens in non-ambulatory patients to see what the side effects were in pulmonary and cardiac After Effects. They were very successful.


Until recently changes in the market and pricing in the pharma industry, therapeutics and drugs have changed drastically. Marathon has had to make some changes and sell-off part of their company. Ultimately, putting a hold on many of their product launches that were planned for the previous year. Marathon Pharmaceuticals makes drugs for patients that are truly suffering with their degenerative diseases let’s keep our fingers crossed that Marathon can muscle through and make an ultimate comeback!


Financial Management Made Easier by IC Systems INC

IC systems Inc. was founded in 1938 and is known for its provision of accounts receivable management services for a lot of clients in the country. The founders of the company were Jack Erickson and Ruth. When forming the company, the duo was aiming to avail to their customers the best reliable and honest services in the field and have thus been successful in this endeavor.


The most interesting thing about IC Systems is that they lead while others follow. They are always on the front-line coming up with new ideas in the industry. One of their founders, Ruth Ericson, defied all odds at a time when women were not involved in any business. During this time, she proved to be reliable by her involvement in the business. IC Systems Inc. has greatly benefited from valuing different points of view in the business world. Now, years later, other companies are following in their footsteps.


Ruth took over the reins of the company after her husband passed and worked day and night to make the company grow. Good thing she was a determined and driven person because she managed to take the company to a new level.


The success of IC Systems has been brought about by various values that the company cherish. These are; integrity, innovation, pride, and good results

When IC Systems was started, advertising was done by word of mouth. The founders would go from business to business offering their services. Because there was a gap in the market for the services they were offering, their business picked up and became successful. While providing the promised services, Ruth Erickson also aimed to help their clients fulfill their resolutions.


It cannot be argued the amount of hard work that went into the company, even in the early days before the development of technology and ease of communication. However, with the development of technology, Ruth took advantage and found a way to make the advancement in technology work for her. Computers made it easier to generate a lot more letters in a shorter time than Ruth could have done previously. They have also partnered and got endorsements from a lot of professional associations. To this day, IC Systems Inc. still is a family run company that is headed by powerful women.


How Jeff Aronin Makes Paragon Biosciences A Reality

In this article I will discuss three key components on how Jeff Aronin makes Paragon Biosciences a reality. The first key component that will be discussed is explaining what Paragon Biosciences is and a brief background of it. Second key component is knowing the steps that Jeff Aronin took in order to create Paragon Biosciences. The last key component is understanding how Paragon Biosciences works.


The first key component that I will discuss is defining what Paragon Biosciences is. Paragon Biosciences is based in Chicago and is an incubator and investment firm that builds and grows leading biotechnology companies. Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences focus was on the needs of the patient’s, as well as the science behind their disease and creating great companies quickly in order to bring treatment to the patients. A little background about Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences is that they strive to meet the patients needs first, as well as has an amazing record on getting thirteen new drugs approved with some Big Pharmaceutical companies over the past twelve years.


Next the second key component that I will discuss is knowing the steps that Jeff Aronin took in order to create Paragon Biosciences. There are three steps that Jeff Aronin took to create Paragon Biosciences and they are the following. First you must understand what the patients needs are. Second you must identify how to scientifically treat the disease. Lastly you must get the attention of high paying businesses and convince them to create top dollar companies that will get medicines approved.


In closing the third key component that I will discuss is understanding how Paragon Biosciences works. Paragon Biosciences works by conducting several phases of clinical trials and developments and then getting together with other medical professionals and discuss the results. Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences applies speed and efficiency in order to find ways to make sure that the patients get the medicines they need to get better. There approach is what makes them unique and well respected. Instead of doing traditional biotech testing or pharmaceutical marketing, they focus on the patients needs.


Custom Companies Transportation Services

Founded in 1986 by Perry Mandera, Custom Companies is widely known as a leader in the transportation industry. The company handles thousand of shipments on a daily basis, and it operates on a 24-hour schedule. Its shipping services include: 50 State LTL (Less Than Truckload); Domestic and International Air Freight; Direct Mail Distribution; Expedited Ground Service; Pick and Pack; Dedicated Contract Cartage; Logistics Management; and Intermodal, among a few other options.


Custom Companies started out as a small 2-truck business, but it currently has over 2,000 pieces of equipment available nationwide, including Dry Vans, as well as Flat Bed and Temperature Controlled shipping transportation. The company provides World Class customer service to its many clients, which, along with competitive pricing and a hands on personalized approach, is part of the reason why it has seen a lot of growth over the years. It has distribution centers in 33 major markets, and it handles pick ups and deliveries from and to any point in the continental United States.


The owner of Custom Companies, Perry Mandera, has learned a lot about customers’ shipping needs in his over 30 years in the transportation industry, and he’s used that knowledge to help him run the business more effectively. His company’s headquarters are in Northlake, Illinois, and some of the employees that have worked in the various locations the business has have expressed that they were provided with excellent training, and that their concerns were heard, which led the company to make necessary changes. Aside from running a very successful full-service transportation service, Perry Mandera is also involved in athletic coaching. He has coached children’s sports teams, as well as individual athletes that are Olympic hopefuls.


The shipping entrepreneur’s philanthropic deeds includes supporting organizations like the University of Chicago Medical Center, the Lynn Sage Foundation and Catholic Charities USA. He also supports the Illinois State Crime Commission, which honored him with their Bishop Sheil Award in 2010, and their Citizen of the Year Award in 2011. He has additionally received several other awards from organizations that have recognized his contributions to both the business world and to philanthropy.


Glen Wakeman; the Business Solutions Expert

Glen Wakeman is the Founder and President of Nova four, a business accelerator for developing companies. He performs CEO coaching and board duties. He is a highly successful Financial Services Executive, an Investor and business mentor, a board member with 21 years management background at General Electric where he handled complex leadership roles in business development, general management, and operations management in the US and in international markets. While working for GE, he lived in six different countries and worked in a total of thirty two countries. His last role at GE involved creating a new division, named GE Money Latin America, which he nurtured and expanded to become an employer of 17,000 people across nine countries.

His passion for building businesses led to the creation of his company Launchpad holdings. Under the umbrella of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman works with early-stage entrepreneurs to equip them with the online business planning services that they need to achieve success and also to reduce the risk of failure by using the LaunchPad tool kit. This online software generates a series of questions to help guide the new business owner on the core principles of a business plan. Glen Wakeman has developed a 5-step methodology on the foundational elements of how a business functions. The five components of this methodology are Operations, Marketing, Talent, Financials and Risk Management. They are analyzed together to produce a strategy for the success of any business, irrespective of the type of product or service it offers.

Glen wakeman has the keys to success for any new business. As the owner of several businesses himself and with his years of experience as a consultant to new business owners, he emphasizes that entrepreneurs should master the art of Delegation of duties. He says that when entrepreneurs try to do too much by themselves they may burn out quickly. Business owners should assign tasks to staff members who have the right skill and the drive to complete them. Business owners should also build trust with their team members. Finally new business owners should develop the habit of thinking about why things are a certain way.


Jorge Moll proves the connection between benevolence and physical well-being in his research.

Gerald Jampolsky once said that through our willingness to help others, we could learn to be happy rather than depressed. One would easily shrug this off, but what if there is some truth to it? What if giving could make you feel better, not just emotionally but also mentally and physically? With that said, Jorge Moll will center as the focus of this context. Jorge Moll is a prominent neurologist, and he has been investigating this concept, specifically how the brain responds to feelings of emotional attachment, tenderness, and values such as altruism and ethics.


Background information


Jorge Moll together with his team have conducted various forms of research. Their research has proved that when participants made choices that profited someone else other than them, a part of their brain was activated. They researched with the aid of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This portion of the brain is commonly associated with functions such as response to food or even sex, suggesting that morality and altruism are closely affiliated with parts of the brain that is hard-wired to our responses to pleasure. In simple terms, we give because it makes us feel good.


Jorge Moll also researched on the motivation of soccer fans in a bid to understand the neural premise of prosocial behavior. Soccer fans were asked whether they would prefer to donate to anonymous people who were fans of the same club or to those who were not or even keep the money to themselves. Results showed that fans responded more positively (similar to how they would acknowledge a loved one) toward fans of the same club even though they did not have any emotional attachment towards them. It is said that understanding the neural mechanisms involved in pro-group behavior that could pave the way to addressing clinical ailments such as psychiatric symptoms and antisocial behaviors.


This means that what we may have believed to be the foundation of morality may not be it. However, it also supports what spiritual leaders and philosophers have long suggested; that giving back can truly fulfill us.


About Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is a medical doctor who graduated with an MD from The Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in 1994. He then finished his medical residency in neurology in 1998 at the same university. Due to his passion, Moll went on to study his Ph.D. in experimental Pathophysiology and graduated in 2004 from Sao Paulo University. He received the Research Fellow accolade between 2004 and 2007 from the National Institute of Health.


At the moment, Jorge Moll is not only the President but also a Senior Researcher at D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He is also the Founder and head of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit.