Times seem to be descending more into a future that appears uncertain, and at the same time detrimental to so many. With power falling into the hands of dangerous individuals, many people who are blind to the destructive ways of communities and numerous other violent actions, it would seem reasonable that so many like minded people who fight for a better cause look to the motivational activist and empowering individuals looking to help communities. Along with them come the countless organizations that turn into a war of good versus evil. With these many activists, communities, and organizations come devoted long-lasting and serious administrations like “Azaaz”.

The growing firm that thrives on the activism of individuals has seen a mass of change in an existence of only five years since its launch in 2007. The goal of this extraordinary firm is to support and assist individuals around the world from any walk of life despite any characteristics. They are known for their funding, planning, and organizing of campaigns in hopes of bridging the world for united communities. They seek almost instant results to help those join by creating teams that are found on six continents and groups of people that speak fifteen languages. Azaaz stands for the word “voice” in various languages in Europe, the Middle East, and Asian countries.

They encourage their members and affiliates to voice their opinions and make direct contact with their governments through emails, petitions, and lobbies, and they keep track of all their achievements on their websites. They state the various countries they operate in, the millions of members they have, and the lifelong achievements made by their members. By presenting their accomplishments, they open the door to show just how powerful they are and thus hopefully motivate others to change their own communities. They show their achievements of saving the internet by keeping it in the hands of the people rather than corporations, eradicating fossil fuels, creating better marine reserves and thousands more.

Avaaz Is Bringing Change One Issue At A Time

The meaning of the word Avaaz in several languages is the word “voice” and that is what Avaaz brings to anyone who would like to join their organization, a voice. Avvaz was founded in 2007 with a simple premise, to join people together all across the world united for a cause that effects many.

For example the biggest victory for Avaaz thus far was swaying politicians with the voices of many to bring change with the Paris Climate Accord. The organizers of Avaaz noticed that both public and political interest in climate change had waned. Members of Avvaz organized campaigns to bring awareness to the public and government that the people cared deeply about climate change. By the time the signing of the accords came around, there were millions of people educated and campaigning for change.

Avaaz members recieve electronic updates on hot bed issues and are able to use strength in numbers to see results. Avaaz is all privately funded through their members and donations. The non profit does not accept any government or lobbyist funding of any kind from any country. The adgenda for current political and social issues are voted on by a random polling of about 10,000 members weekly so it is a fair and concise system. Of course members can also start a petition on an issue that needs addressing at anytime and anyone is open to join Avaaz. The few staff at Avaaz can also notify the members instantly through texting or email of any priority issues that need addressing. It is strength through numbers that guarantee results. To read more about Avaaz and the victories they have secured thus far, please click here.

Cofounders of FrontPage Confidential Shatters Joe’s Evil Plans

Recently, after a longstanding feud with the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, the cofounders of FrontPage Confidential, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey, took to the media to discuss their severe disdain with the President of the United States’ decision to pardon the controversial figure.

The feud between Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey began almost immediately after the former sheriff was elected to office in 1992 due to the fact that their publication, particularly the New Times, made an effort to expose his questionable and discriminatory practices.

The situation between the former sheriff and the newspapermen reached a boiling point ten years ago when Joe Arpaio decided to the duo arrested at their homes. The arrest was alleged to be made because the New Times published information regarding an ongoing situation regarding a grand jury.

In making the arrest, Joe Arpaio not only violated the constitutional rights of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, he also further sullied his already diminishing reputation as a servant of the people.

During the time of the arrest, Jim Larkin operated as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, while Michael Lacey played the role of executive editor of the Village Voice Media; their flagship newspaper chain. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey exposed the fact that the grand jury was investigating them at the time. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In a story by Stephon Lemons, a product of FrontPage Confidential decided to revisit the situation in the wake of the recent pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, where he discussed the former sheriff’s long history of unscrupulous practices. In the recap, which discussed the many years of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department’s misdeeds, he highlighted the highly publicized “tent city,” as well as his history of discriminating against Latino Americans.

Under the former sheriff’s watch, the jail, which had been deemed “tent city” by the public, resembled that of a concentration camp. Joe Arpaio’s issues with minorities eventually led to Melendres v. Arpaio, which played a major role in the former sheriff’s failure to be reelected.

At the end of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s bout with Joe Arpaio, the duo was victorious, winning a settlement of $3.75 million. The legendary duo of newspapermen would go on to found the Frontera Fund which takes aim at the prejudices experienced by Latino Americans, helping to support groups in the community that fight against racism, and for human rights.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey founded their company in 1970, along with two other students, during a time when Lacey had decided to drop out and focus on his dream. After publishing their inaugural issue that year, the duo would go on to build an empire.

In 1983, they acquired a local news-and-arts weekly publication, along with 17 other nationwide print publications, including LA Weekly, and their flagship, Village Voice. In 2014, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sold their stakes in the company to a group of executives with a longstanding history in the company. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

End Citizens Approach To Driving Excess Money In Politics

Democrats’ Russia Strategy: Organize Protests and Avoid Impeachment Talk

The Democratic lawmakers are advised to invoke an impeachment for Trump through progressive activists. The activist advocates for a special counsel investigation of the party’s messaging due to suspicion of Trump’s Russia ties. The push is believed to come from funded groups such as the End Citizen United,, America Bridge, and Stand up America. The major objective of these groups is to assist the lawmakers to steer US politics based on issues. The federal probe of the conceivable collusion between Trump campaign and Russia does not only pose risks to the Trump’s presidency but also to the Democrats in case they capitalize on the probe.

Nonetheless, the impeachment efforts have only been left to a few Democratic members such as Rep. Brad Sherman of California. The messaging strategy is being considered as part of efforts aimed at investigating Russia’s rigging claim as they wait for the lawmakers to return from summer. Their return will be consequential as they will decide whether to allow Robert Mueller to conduct his investigation while preparing for the worst since he could be fired.

However, progressive activists defend Mueller from being fired by the president by running paid advertisement targeting the Vulnerable House Republicans. Besides, liberal activists are continually triggering rallies in most U.S states through an “emergency rapid response.” The response includes a search tool that will direct citizens where and when to protest if Mueller gets fired. Currently, the rapid response effort functions in 180 locations throughout the United States. Besides, it has a telephone campaign that will alert individuals in congressional districts about the contingency plan. The emergency plan will evoke anxiety if Trump fires Mueller as he did to James Comey who run the case previously.

End Citizens United Raises $4 Million to Support the Election of Campaign-Finance Champions to Congress

End Citizens United focuses on driving excess or big money out of politics by raising campaign fund on its own. Statistics show that End Citizens United has raised over four million US dollars in the first three months of 2017. However, the group projects to raise about $35 million before the 2018 mid-term elections for the Congress. End Citizens United looks forward to supporting the election of campaign finance champions to the Congress. In fact, it intends to generate as much money as possible to endorse as many candidates into Congress as possible. As a result, End Citizens United has built more ties with the campaign-finance groups. It teams up with several other campaign groups to convince the Republican senators to recuse from voting in individuals who injects excess money in politics. End Citizen United has been influential in the US politics.

Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund and Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)

AWID is an international, multi-generational, and feminist organization committed to the advancement of gender equality, sustainable development, and women rights. Membership comprises academics, students, researchers, business people, development partners, policy makers, and donors.

Mission and Vision

AWID aspires to influence global women and feminist rights activists, movements, and organizations.

Its mission is to transform structures of power and decision-making, advance human rights, environmental stability, and gender justice. AWID envisions a world in which freedoms, human rights, gender justice, and ecological sustainability are a reality for everyone and the planet.


With the end of the United Nations Decade for Women, individuals from universities, development agencies, and CBOs discussed the role of women as beneficiaries and agents of the development process. They founded AWID as a platform for professionals fostering multi-sectoral dialogue and action.

In due time, AWID’s goal encompassed issues of women human rights, gender equality, and sustainable development. AWID works with activist groups, movements, and organizations to increase its visibility and capacity to influence structural change. The organization seeks the transformation of laws, policies, social norms, and individuals to promote girls and women rights across the world.

Thematic and Feminist Programs

Its various themes and feminist activities include:

 Resourcing women’s rights: AWID lobbies donors and global policy makers to increase commitment to gender justice and women’s rights. This involves narrowing the gap between activists and donors, collaborative research, resource mobilization, strengths and weakness analysis.

 Opposing religious fundamentalism: the organization counters religious fundamentalism through dialogue, advocacy, and collaborative projects.

 Economic justice: AWID adopts strategies that address failures of present economic models. For example, enhancing the capacity of women’ right advocates, supporting feminist rights, advancing feminist research, analysis, and documentation.

 Women’s rights defenders: the organization works in collaboration with regional and global networks to promote awareness of women rights activists.

Larkin & Lacey-Frontera Fund

With settlement money after their acquittal, Michael Lacey and Jim Larken formed the Frontera Fund to advance migrants in Arizona. Under their leadership, the Lacey and Larken Frontera Fund supports groups that promote human rights, civil rights as well as migrant rights. The Fund works with the Border Angels of San Diego focusing on immigration reforms and aversion of migrant fatalities.

Additionally, the Fund fights against the profiling of immigrants. Its programs address challenges that migrants face along the US-Mexico border. Frontera’s advocacy is designed to ensure human rights for all. Working alongside other organizations, the Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund defends migrants against all types of human rights abuses, discriminatory hiring policies, and racial profiling. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Recently, the Fund’s pilot project, Justice for Immigrants & Families Project (JIF) promotes and provides legal services to immigrants of Maricopa County. JIF trains and refers deserving cases to pro bono attorneys.

Also, the project conducts group workshops, legal consultations, provides self-help legal guides, and human rights education. JIF is Phoenix Legal Action Network’s pilot project in conjunction with pro bono attorneys to help protect and promote the rights of minorities and the marginalized in Arizona.

Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter


Immigration Shall Be Integrated

Two of the most well-known immigration activists in the United States of America today are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men attended Arizona University with one another. There, they would start a small newspaper which would gain a strategic following. They would end up quitting University early in order to take the newspaper national. This newspaper often reports on the struggle that Hispanics face when coming to the United States of America.


One consistent problem that Hispanics face when coming United States of America is the extreme judgment and oppression and violence that comes from certain American people. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have often reported on the hate crimes committed toward the Hispanics by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.


The evil atrocities that this man has regularly committed would be enough to fill up an encyclopedia. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were the first to break the stories on how he persecuted Hispanic men and women who were locked up in one of his prison systems. They showed how he routinely brought Hispanic men out into the desert and worked them on the same level as a Siberian gulag would. To make matters worse, he often would not provide the necessary water for these men and many died of dehydration and heatstroke.


Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was not a fan of what Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were reporting. In retaliation, he violated their first amendment rights, broke into their homes, and arrested them under the cover of darkness. This illegal means of entry won Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin a settlement of nearly $3 million.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would use this money and start their advocacy group the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund promotes the American’s freedom of speech and fights for rights for immigrants.


Standing for the Oppressed with Thor Halvorssen

A man who refers to himself as a classical liberal and refuses to be called a conservative liberal has seen all the world of dictatorship has to offer. He has been on the forefront against human oppression and dictatorial regimes for some while. The man been referred here is Thor Halvorssen. Thor was born 40 years ago in Venezuela before fleeing to the United States of America many years later. Other than fighting for human rights and democracy, he is a film producer. He is well known for Human Rights Foundation as well as the Oslo Freedom Movement. Currently, Thor Halvorssen is based in New York, New York and is the Chairman of Human Rights Foundation.

In the year 2010, Thor Halvorssen was at the receiving end of the Vietnamese government when he was caught filming secretly in the country. He has gone to Vietnam with his cameraman to document events about a banned church movement in Hon Chi Minh City. He was detained in the country and was released after he convinced the authorities that he was a Buddhist seeker. He believes in doing more than talking about human rights. Instead, one ought to get down and gets hands dirty fighting for the rights of the people. Thor Halvorssen says he love people and humanity. What he loves more is the people who stand up for their rights and speaks out against oppression.

Thor Halvorssen was born in a royal family. His father descended from a Norwegian king while his mother was from the family of the first president of Venezuela. Things got difficult when Thor Halvorssen exposed corruption in the Venezuelan government. For this reason, his first cousin is in jail in Venezuela for opposing the government. When he exposed this corruption, his father was detained and tortured to reveal some information about him and how he had obtained the corruption documents. On the other hand, his mom was shot and killed in an anti-government protest in the country. As the leader of the Human Right Funds, Thor Halvorssen has worked with other prominent human right activists from other parts of the world such as Garry Kasparov and Vaclav Havel.