Breaking Up Was Hard To Do For Taylor Swift

Just about all of Taylor Swift’s fans remember that the pop singer made a clean break with Spotify back in 2014. Spotify is a service that uses the new ┬ástreaming technology to offer access to millions of songs. However, Taylor Swift was all about shaking off the streaming service and locking down her music. Now, Spotify and Taylor Swift are making nice again. They’ve reunited to celebrate Swift’s album 1989 selling over 10 million albums. Now fans have access to the singer’s entire back catalog on the streaming service.


Spotify Fans News

The good news is that Taylor Swift’s music is back on track with Spotify’s paid members. The even better news is that the ad supported free version also offers Swift’s music to Spotify fans. Here is the deal. Spotify is actually one of the top streaming music services around. They are steadily growing and attracting more and more fans. Meanwhile, music industry insiders state that there is a massive decline in record sales, due to the popularity of streaming music services. Clearly, this led to numerous music stars like Taylor Swift, to reconsider their views on releasing their music on Spotify.


Previously, music artists were up in arms about royalties or the lack of royalties. Now, they realize that Spotify’s music streaming service is essentially a great promotional tool that helps them to market their material and sell tickets to their concerts. More and more musical artist are starting to embrace streaming services like Spotify because they are also a great vehicle to introduce a new league of fans to an artist’s musical library. In the future, streaming music will probably completely dominate the music scene.


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