Bob Reina: When Dreams Become Reality

Bob Reina has said in many speeches that he gets paid when people’s dreams come true. It just goes to show that he is not in this for the money. Of course, the company needs to make money to stay in business and in order to have all of the great technology they have when it comes to video. However, for an individual like Bob Reina, the CEO and founder, it is about more than money for him. He sees people that have big aspirations and big dreams and he wants to make them come true when they use Talk Fusion. That is the high point for him.


Bob Reina has always kept his pulse on society and what people need and when they need it. He has made it a point to do that. This goes all the way back to his days as a police officer. He would listen and try to gather all of the information he needed to be the best in law enforcement. He applies that same mentality to Talk Fusion. This even comes into play when talking about his charity work. He is big on charity and he wants to encourage other people with money and power to do something positive to help out other people. Learn more:


That is when money really matters to Bob Reina. He wants to use the money for something good. He does not want a boat or something super fancy. He wants to make a difference in the world and make it a better place. That is why Bob Reina is special and it is why he is unlike anyone else out there when talking about CEO’s. He is in a category all his own. It is why his employees are so proud to work for him. They know they are working for a special human being with one of the biggest hearts on the planet.


After all, he is an animal lover, and he has given back numerous times to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It is a cause that means a great deal to someone like Bob Reina, as he has a house full of animals.

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