Bob Reina: The Brain Behind Talk Fusion Company

Bob Reina is the co-founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion, home to the World’s First All-in-One video Marketing solution. The company brags as been the hottest and fastest growing video communications company in the world. Bob Reina commitment to his organization, staff, international associates, and his vision towards creating a Billion Dollar Brand is what drives him and made Talk Fusion a success.

Reina promotes Talk Fusion products throughout the industry via direct sales. When it comes to sales revenue and growth, Talk Fusion currently ranks among the top 50 firms in Direct Selling Association. As a way of attracting more clients and promoting his brand, Bob’s favorite phrase is “invest your dreams in us, and we’ll help you accomplish your goals.”

Bob Reina ventured into the video industry after realizing that the universe needed a better solution when it came to sending and receiving videos over the internet. Bob Reina solution was to create Talk Fusion webinar services, in hopes of making communication in the business world more efficient. Talk Fusion offers a variety of useful products that you can’t resist but admire. Talk Fusion and Reina have been instrumental to the success and awareness of Humane Society in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Apart from been a mentor and influencer in Direct Sales Industry, Bob Reina is a man with a clear vision, direction, and purpose, something that has made his career a success. He recently joined Enterprise Radio as a mentor and commentator. Bob Reina devotes himself to finding new and effective ways of assisting people accomplish their goals and live their dreams by sharing innovative and cutting-edge video marketing products. He is also involved in charitable events. For instance, he recently launched a program that allows Talk Fusion show members to donate one free account to a charity group of their choice.

Talk Fusion company has been designed for each and every person in need of running a new business through direct selling. Apart from this, the company also covers each and every person who wants to communicate internationally using internet-enabled video calls. Talk Fusion is all about building futures, realizing dreams, and giving back to communities all over the continent.


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