Bloatware deal between Verizon and Samsung

Yahoo has had a pretty steep fall from grace over the years, and if that is not all, the company has now been relegated to becoming a bloatware on Android phones across the world, thanks to Verizon and Samsung who have come up with a new advertising deal.


Reuters state that the deal is going to load a number of useless apps on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9plus. Some of the useless apps include Go90, YahooFinance, Yahoo Sports and Oath Newsroom, which is a curation app that showcases the headlines of news across the internet, but ideally from HuffPost and Yahoo News which are all Verizon owned companies.


The deal between the two corporations has Oath as the content partner for Bixby which is a first party VA (Virtual Assistant) for Samsung. If that is not enough, Oath and Samsung are going to allow native ads to be displayed at the center of the news feed. The revenue from the deal will be split between the two companies, as they bank some cash anytime you tap on the app mistakenly while you are scrolling.


The Oath CEO Tim Armstrong stated that ads will now be closer to the consumer, which is indirectly relevant to the needs of a customer. Tim continued to state that there is nothing better than being direct to a consumer on the home screen of a smartphone and in the app itself.


Immediately when Verizon acquired Yahoo, AOL and many other companies, this deal was inevitable. By acquiring Yahoo for $4.5 billion and AOL for $4.4 billion, Verizon became a major contributor to the advertising world. Now it is playing the cards in its favor without understanding the needs of the customer.


Bloatware is not interesting at all, and Samsung is loading them up in their phones with unnecessary apps that users do not even use to the point that the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission filed a lawsuit.

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