Best Campaign Tips From NGP Van: How to Save Time

Almost all American Democratic campaigns are powered by software from NGP Van. This includes the voter contract campaign for Obama. The fundraisers, organizers and strategies work in the advancement of important causes and inspire leaders including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama. NGP Van encompasses issues including climate change, education, reproductive rights and equality in the provision of technology to bring goals to life. NGP Van has shared their best tips to reduce stress for campaigns at the end of the quarter.

NGP Van recommends keeping some ideas for the future instead of sending so many emails the ideas run out. They advise sharing the number of people including email subscribers, volunteers and social media that have joined the campaign. This adds momentum to the campaign and makes the people feel like an important part of the process. A thermometer can be used to show how close the EOQ goal and benchmark are becoming. If the average contribution is below $35 ask supporters to chip in for the average amount. Once a donation has been made encourage the donor to share their story regarding their reasons for making the donation. NGP Van recommends sharing the most impactful stories through email.

NGP Van believes in getting the content approved and written in advance. Writing is time consuming and good preparation eliminates a lot of the stress. Once this is accomplished all that remains is sending subject line tests, coding emails, choosing the winner and reporting back. An end of the quarter master calendar will keep track of emails sent and approved as well as which ones require a follow up. This is extremely helpful when multiple clients are being juggled and saves time. Every campaign deserves a celebration for doing a good job. A bonding activity such as a pizza party, potluck for lunch or laser tag works very well. Both the department and team have numerous options to celebrate their success. NGP Van understands everyone needs something to look forward to while working that final stretch. This is also a good time to discuss which tactics were effective and which ones were not.

NGP VAN is located in Washington DC and specializes in online voter and volunteer management, campaign analysis, and political fundraising.

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