Times seem to be descending more into a future that appears uncertain, and at the same time detrimental to so many. With power falling into the hands of dangerous individuals, many people who are blind to the destructive ways of communities and numerous other violent actions, it would seem reasonable that so many like minded people who fight for a better cause look to the motivational activist and empowering individuals looking to help communities. Along with them come the countless organizations that turn into a war of good versus evil. With these many activists, communities, and organizations come devoted long-lasting and serious administrations like “Azaaz”.

The growing firm that thrives on the activism of individuals has seen a mass of change in an existence of only five years since its launch in 2007. The goal of this extraordinary firm is to support and assist individuals around the world from any walk of life despite any characteristics. They are known for their funding, planning, and organizing of campaigns in hopes of bridging the world for united communities. They seek almost instant results to help those join by creating teams that are found on six continents and groups of people that speak fifteen languages. Azaaz stands for the word “voice” in various languages in Europe, the Middle East, and Asian countries.

They encourage their members and affiliates to voice their opinions and make direct contact with their governments through emails, petitions, and lobbies, and they keep track of all their achievements on their websites. They state the various countries they operate in, the millions of members they have, and the lifelong achievements made by their members. By presenting their accomplishments, they open the door to show just how powerful they are and thus hopefully motivate others to change their own communities. They show their achievements of saving the internet by keeping it in the hands of the people rather than corporations, eradicating fossil fuels, creating better marine reserves and thousands more.

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