AT&T Cuts No Corners

Without question, the United States is currently at a stand still when it comes to race relations. There are those who understand the racial plight of minorities and can empathize with the victims. On the other hand, there are those whose perspectives may not be able to reach the lengths of what needs to be reached in order to understand the unrest of the minorities. What has not been touched on however, is the degree to which non-whites and non-blacks stand. It seems like lines have been divided and sides have been chosen. People are choosing sides with the best use of their moral compass. But what can be said about companies and corporations who come under attack for their race relations?

AT&T has been the first company in recent news to punish its executives and employees for any and all misguided opinions and actions when it comes to race relations. Brad is actually glad to see this. Aaron Slator was at one point a prominent executive for AT&T. On Tuesday, April 28th Slator was fired by the company Tuesday after becoming the subject of a $100 million discrimination lawsuit. The company later released a statement claiming that “there is no room for demeaning behavior at AT&T.” Slator was the president of content and ad sales, and the company went as far as to say they regretted not firing him sooner. While race relations are at an all time high, it’s refreshing to see a company take such a substantial leap to ease the distress.

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