Annoying Autoplay on Google Chrome will be blocked

A new version of Google Chrome was rolled out last month that addresses the issues of autoplay videos. The version 66 which is the latest update include autoplay video alterations that stop auto-play videos from happening by default when the sound is on. Google has taken charge of these changes in a customized way for Chrome to learn the preferences of users on the sites that need to be blocked. This will prevent immediate sound blasts when you visit a relatively new site. The changes that Google are making will save the user preferences of a site that you clicked, and played videos on for future use. For example, YouTube will autoplay with sound, and if you interacted with a video site before, it will autoplay with sound.

If you are starting to use Chrome and you don’t have any kind of history browsing the internet, videos on popular websites that usually play videos with sound will autoplay . Once you begin to browse the internet, Chrome will learn your trend, and on the websites that you play media, Chrome will autoplay the media with sound and disable autoplay on sites that you do not play media. As you begin to teach Chrome, you will have to click “play” each time you want to play a video, but the new policy blocks approximately half of the autoplay that is unwanted, to make you have very few surprises when you visit a website.

The latest updates on Google follow Chrome 64 changes that allow a user to mute a site, instead of the “mute tab” that was temporary. There are additional Chrome features that targetted towards users of Windows 10. There is going to be a notification support for Windows 10, together with the full swipe gestures and precision trackpads support. These features have not yet been released, but they are currently being tested in the company’s Canary developer Chrome versions.

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