Amazing Gadgets to Hit the Market

This summer is going to see some amazing new tech gadgets hit the stores. One of them is a Wonderboom, which is a compact speaker that can be dropped in a swimming pool and function properly. It is produced by Ultimate Ears and costs $100, CNN Tech reports.


Another amazing and useful gadget is Prynt Pocket. It is a tiny printer that can be attached to an iPhone. It costs $150 and comes with an app allowing for image editing.


For those who love selfie sticks, there are selfie drones coming. A company named Zero Tech has produced a pocket-sized drone they named Dobby. It costs $350 and contains a 13 megapixel camera.


Fitbit’s newest device, the $150 Alta HR, is a hi-tech wristband that can track steps, calories, distances, and heart rates. It also alerts when calls or messages arrive.


If you don’t like to do the yard work, you can get a robot to do to it for you. Automower, a product of Husqvarna, is a low mower that can handle various obstructions and recognize walls. It can be controlled from a smartphone and can be pre-programmed, so it can stay in your yard rather than sneak away to mow your neighbor’s yard. At this point, its price is unknown.


Now, it is becoming easier to keep an eye on a house when outside. The $99 camera made by Blink Indoors has motion detection features that, if necessary, get activated and send alerts.


And if you don’t like to carry heavy luggage, but like to read, then consider getting Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. It retails for $120 a piece. It also comes with a great battery that lasts for several days should you get lost in the woods.


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