Agora Fiancial – Educating The Masses How To Invest

Agora Financial is a firm built on educating the public on how to invest, find investment opportunities, and tap in to non-mainstream investments. Their publications are produced by seasoned financial analysts that actually travel to locations around the world for untapped financial opportunities. There investment strategies are presented in an easy to understand format for anyone to use and learn from. The information presented is also unbiased and can be viewed online, via conference calls, or in a printed format.

Agora Financial is a subsidiary of The Agora Inc., which was established almost four decades ago. The online firm has a reputation of finding financial information before the media presents it to the public. By being ahead of the game, they have the opportunity to inform their many subscribers of opportunities or strategies prior to the information hitting the masses and in some cases even Wall Street. In turn their readers have the capability to act upon information to increase profits or prevent major downfalls. One of Agora Financials’ biggest asset is their e-learning presentations. These tutorials offer information specializing in a knowledgebase and training format for new and seasoned investors. Interestingly labeled as “The Essential Investor,” the tutorials bring the best of technology and financial information fused together to create an app that keeps its viewers engaged in the information it is providing. These analytical videos give strategic plans on how to increase the viewers knowledge of making their investment interests and goals transform into actual financial wealth.

Bill Bonner is the driving force behind Agora Financial. He is Founder and President of Agora Financial Publishing firm. Bonner is best known for his informative investment strategy writings and for being the Co-Founder of Bonner & Partners Publishing. Bill Bonner attended both the University of New Mexico and Georgetown University Law School. Addison Wiggins is the Executive Publisher for Agora Financial and a bestselling author as noted by NY Times. Wiggin and Bonner both co-wrote critically acclaimed “Empire of Debt.” The two, along with their professional staff, continue to use their skills in educating investors through Agora Financial publications.

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