Gates and Branson Back Lab-Grown Meat

Meat is avoided by many people due to concerns about the environment, personal health, and the issue of humaneness to animals. Besides these issues, some are concerned about the feasibility of producing enough meat to provide the world’s growing population. Yet it isn’t realistic to expect all of humanity to become vegetarians.

For these reasons and others, Bill Gates and Richard Branson have invested in companies developing lab-grown meat. Currently, lab-grown meat (also called ‘clean meat’) is rather expensive. The first burger made by this process in 2013 cost roughly $300,000 dollars. The price has since fallen to roughly $11, but there is a long way to go. Clean meat has the potential to eventually be cheaper than traditionally grown meat due to its lower theoretical resource input needs. It requires less than one-fifth of the water as traditional meat, and about 1% of the land.

One of the biggest hurdles is that traditional meat production has a great economy of scale and well developed procedures. Overcoming this is possible, but it will require time and money. Bruce Friedrich, of The Good Food Institute thinks expensive clean meat will hit the market in about three years, and will be be cost competitive within ten years. One clean meat company plans to start providing burgers to high end restaurants in an attempt to be competitive with traditional meat.

Clean meat is made by taking a biopsy from an animal, then growing the cells in a nutrient mix. In addition to requiring less water and land, this eliminates the need to produce bone, ligaments, and other tissues which may not be very marketable. Harsh extremes of weather, disease, and accidents during transporting livestock are also removed.

This new approach has attracted the interest of larger agricultural businesses, who do not want to be blindsided by a technology that might someday be used by market competitors. For instance, Tyson and Cargill have made investments in clean meat startups.

Nick Vertucci Rises from Grass To Grace And Return To Lift Upcoming Investors

Nick Vertucci is a renowned investor with a host of investments across the investment possibilities. He founded the NV Real Estate. He comes from a family that would not be regarded as rich. He is noted to be one of the few public figures that have risen from nothing to lots of things. It is said that Nick Vertucci’s family could hardly survive the economic onslaught. His father is said to have died when he was only 10 years old. However, because Vertucci had his eyes glued on breaking free from the shackles of poverty, he kept working hard. He started a business after he attained the age of 18.

A Difficult Start

He focused on selling computer accessories. His business crushed when the millennium computer crunch came around. He was one of the greatest sufferers of the millennium 2000 computer crisis. He fell into major debt and sank even deeper with time. His investments had evaporated on account of the dot-com bubble. It is said that Vertucci almost lost his home to the crisis. Fortunately, he still had ideas up his sleeve; Nick Vertucci enrolled in a real estate academy. He was inspired to start a real estate business. He has never regretted his decision. In fact, he traced his roots of success and decided to start the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, after his successful venture in the real estate business.


According to Vertucci, he came up with the idea of the real estate academy because he wanted to share his success secrets and resources with the public. He says that he had attained financial freedom that he wanted to share with others. He intended NVREA to become the best real estate training institute, ever. Indeed, Vertucci achieved his goal. NVREA has produced some of the most prolific investors the real estate industry has ever known.

How Nick Vertucci Spends His Free Time

He notes, on a light note, that he does not like routines. He mentions that he has set up a private office in OC California. He says he goes out at his office window and pulls a vape of eCig to indulge a little in the world of recreation and refreshment. He says that he keeps in touch with his teams, most of the time on the phone. He says he avoids being caught up in personal issues or even business nuances that don’t matter. He says his only focus is on what can generate revenue. In summary, he keeps a steady focus on his business goals and objectives.

Google Brings Blockchain Security and Online Ledger Capabilities to Their Cloud Product Users

Earlier this week, search engine leader Google announced its plans to implement portions of cryptocurrency technology within its own web-based applications as a means to enhance the security of its cloud products.

While the timeframe and exact implementation details have not yet been released, the company has stated that it will move forward with blockchain technology as part of its online tools offerings.

Blockchain, the general ledger used by bitcoin and the majority of other digital currencies, provides a transparent, distributed, anonymous, permanent and tamper proof record of electronic transactions performed while engaging in exchanges using cryptocurrencies.

Google’s internal Alphabet unit made the announcement that they have already begun developing their own blockchain solution along with investing in and acquiring other startup firms that are in the process of creating their own digital ledger technologies.

The general ledger offering would give users of Google cloud services the ability to manage, oversee and ensure who is accessing their resources online and to protect their sensitive data. It could also provide the firm’s customers with a powerful means to coordinate transactions electronically through programmable smart contracts, deriving some of the additional security and automation benefits from the blockchain technology.

Google began testing their own blockchain services back in 2016 through its developer partnerships.

Their latest blockchain solution moves Google into the global digital ledger market in a space where Microsoft and IBM control approximately 51 percent of the worldwide investment.

Digital ledger technology has already started to impact the financial industry with several recently launched firms specifically focused on delivering blockchain solutions and services forming partnerships with financial industry players.

While the benefits of the technology show promise for the mortgage industry, Wall Street giants including Mastercard, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America have contributed to the more than 1200 blockchain patents filed last year.

In related news this week, IBM announced launching its own platform targeted at smaller firms developing their own digital ledger applications. and the Impending Arrival of the Virtual Assistant for Gaming

Gaming technology continues to develop, expand, and innovate. Venture capital helped fund a great deal of the research and development that led to all these innovations. Runa Capital, a venture capital firm based out of Silicon Valley, has infused with $1.9 million to develop a virtual assistant for gamers. Yes, those who find themselves stuck while playing complicated games may soon be able to turn to a virtual assistant to help them navigate the playing field. Not everyone can rely on personal decisions or the advice of friends to succeed at gaming. A little help from a virtual source might be the better plan. is trying to make that a possibility.

The CEO of the company, Alisa Chumachenko, pointed out there are two billion gamers in the world. A significant percentage of these gamers can be dubbed “hardcore gamers” who play complex and difficult-to-win games. An AI assistant just might prove helpful to them. Gamers don’t want their experiences to be too easy. Unless a game comes with a challenge, gaming sessions become boring. Games that are too difficult, however, become frustrating. All the fun of gaming disappears when gamers find themselves stuck on a plateau.

That’s not to suggest that the gaming virtual assistant will do all the work and all the thinking. The concept of an assistant infers support. may be able to best create such a “helper” since the company puts great effort into researching the exact actions players perform. Such information could make it easier for a virtual assistant to actually assist. The better the virtual assistant performs its job, the greater the chances the player succeeds at a gaming session. Improved success rates may lead to the generation of a buzz about the debuting virtual assistant. The benefit to becomes obvious here. Solid buzz would mean more gamers use the assistant program.

Bob Reina: Listen To This Man

Bob Reina is not one of those individuals that likes to pound on his chest and brag about his accomplishments. Because of this, I feel it is important for others to do it for him. He is doing a lot of magnificent things for a lot of amazing people out there. That should not be ignored, overlooked, or taken for granted. Bob Reina is a great human being in a world that is lacking them right now, I’m sad to say. However, the fact Bob Reina is out there fighting the good fight of Talk Fusion makes me and many others feel a little bit safer and a little more secure.


It is reassuring to know a great person like Bob Reina is doing the right thing and he wants the best for people. He truly enjoys watching people have their dreams come true. For so many people, dreams seem out of reach or they seem unattainable. Bob Reina wants people to know they can happen and they will happen thanks to Talk Fusion. They have the video applications to make it happen and if someone puts in the work and puts in the long hours, it WILL happen.


That is the great thing about the world we live in today: anything is truly possible. We are seeing it happen all of the time, and Bob Reina is a big believer in that. He is a very positive person and that positive attitude helps him with Talk Fusion as the CEO. It helps keep his employees in the right state of mind on long days. It reminds them they are doing important work that is truly going to help out all of their customers. Each and every single person that uses Talk Fusion the right way, they will see results.


They will see their business grow and they will see it blossom before their very eyes. It brings tears to many people’s eyes when they see that all they have worked for has come true. It is no longer just a dream. It is real life, and it’s a great life. Learn more:





SpaceX Chooses Los Angeles as Home of New BGR Manufacturing Facility

Although its corporate headquarters is located in Hawthorne, California, SpaceX has selected Los Angeles as the home of its new Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) manufacturing facility. According to Ars Technica, the aerospace manufacturing company will build the new facility on an 18-acre plot right outside of Long Beach. Here, SpaceX will perform research and development processes as well as manufacturing processes related to the BFR.

Given the high cost of real estate in Los Angeles, you might be wondering why SpaceX would choose this area for its upcoming manufacturing facility. While SpaceX has yet to announce its reasons for choosing this location, a document released by the Port of Los Angeles indicates that the company plans to transport the newly constructed BFRs via water. So, by building its new manufacturing facility near Long Beach, SpaceX can easily transport the BFRs without relying on land-based transportation methods.

Announced by CEO Elon Musk in 2017, the BFR is SpaceX’s next-generation rocket that includes a reusable vehicle. While still in development, Musk says the BFR will eventually replace the company’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets. Perhaps the greatest aspect of the BFR its ability to be used multiple times. Traditional launch vehicle are good for one use. After propelling the shuttle, satellite or payload into orbit, the vehicle crashes down to Earth where the debris is collected and salvaged. The BFR, however, can be used multiple times, thus lowering the cost of launches.

The advent of the BFR could pave the way for new space exploration missions. More than a decade ago, Musk unveiled a personal goal of creating permanent human settlements on Mars. While that may sound like science fiction, SpaceX is already working towards achieving this goal, and the company’s new BFR manufacturing facility in Los Angeles is a step in the right direction.

The RealReal and Julie Wainwright

Julie Wainwright, a 60-year-old entrepreneur is the founder of The RealReal, an online store for second-hand luxury fashion. The site sells authenticated Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many other luxury items. How it works is, the seller of the item sends it to the company. The company then has their in-house authentication team to certify the item is real. After the item has been authenticated, the item is placed on the website where it is sold. The proceeds are shared between The RealReal and the owner/seller. On the site, you will find women’s fashion, menswear, jewelry, art, watches, and home décor. The RealReal has already raised 170 million since it launched 7 years ago. Investors see potential in the company and believe that it the company would do better if it got the advertising and money to grow.

The RealReal employs more than 950 people. They have six offices, San Francisco, New York, L.A., Chicago, and Washington D.C. These locations help people talk face to face with actual employees. Julie Wainwright wants to expand her internet business to actual storefront business, starting with the original New York Location. They have $50 million in growth funding for the firm Great Hill Partners. 80% of the customers are women. Men do shop at The RealReal, but mainly for watches and leather goods. For every 4 buyers, there is someone trying to sell their items. The majority of the consignors also buy items from the company. So basically the money they just made off their items, is going back to The RealReal.

The RealReal has over 6 million subscribed members. The company is basically luxury eBay. She got the idea after watching her friend buy thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff in under five minutes. Julie Wainwright has been recognized as most-admired CEOs in 2014 and 2017 by San Francisco Business Times. She then got the Springboard Enterprises’ NorthStar Award. All her time has paid off and, she has been very successful in her career. In 7 years she has created one of the most successful online luxury shops.

The Role Jeremy Goldstein Plays in Improving Employee Compensation Matters

It is unfortunate that most employees don’t benefit from the corporations as they should. Instead of giving the employees the special incentives and employees stocks they deserve. When the employees don’t get the benefit packages they deserve, they tend to work towards the downfall of their employer. It is amazing that some firms and companies have stopped offering these incentives to their hard-working employees. Most companies assume that they would save much of their money by denying the employees these special incentives. If some employees happen to file a lawsuit against the incentives they have been denied, the challenge they face is lack of a competent attorney to represent them in court and argue their case out.


However, things would be easy on your side if you choose Jeremy Goldstein to handle your case. He is a competent attorney who believes in a bill provision that is meant to change the taxation for certain people. If the proposed bill happens to become a law, there are certain predicted changes that will come. The first expected change is that deferred settlements would be no more. If the compensatory stock options and appreciation rights happen to vest, they will be subject to taxation. This indicates that these options and rights would not be utilized as they should. Learn more:


The good thing is that such issues would be easier to solve with the legal advice from Jeremy Goldstein. He is one of the attorneys who are very qualified and experienced when it comes to giving legal advice to the management teams and compensation committees. Anyone still with an issue with corporate governance and compensation would find a profound solution from Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. This company is competent in handling compensation cases. Jeremy had served at Rosen & Katz and also at Lipton as a partner. At the American Bar Association, Jeremy chaired the Mergers and Acquisitions.


Jeremy was a student at Cornell University where he earned his first bachelor’s degree. He then studied at the University of Chicago where he got his master’s degree. It was in the New York Law School where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in law from New York University. Jeremy started his own company after working with some large law firms. There are some big corporate transactions that Jeremy Goldstein has worked for. These associations include Chevron Texaco Corporation, Euronext, Cingular Wireless Corporation, J.P Morgan Chase, The Dow Chemical Company, Duke Energy, and Goldman Sachs.


How CEO Roberto Santiago Draws People To Manaira Shopping Mall

Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the highlights of Joao Pessoa. It is located blocks away from this city’s beaches located on the Atlantic Ocean. Because it offers so many shopping, entertainment, and cultural options many residents of the greater Joao Pessoa visit this mall on a weekly basis. It was founded by entrepreneur Robert Santiago who acts as its chief executive officer. He established this mall in 1989 and ever since he has retooled the mall in order to keep it modern so that customers keep coming back for more.

Roberto Santiago is well known in Joao Pessoa as a businessman, trader, and sportsman. After graduating from college he started working at Café Santa Rosa which is a large supplier of furniture and home decor. He then went into business for himself and opened a cartonnage company. Once he had accumulated enough money he bought the land on which Manaira Shopping Mall now sits in the mid-1980s. After designing the mall construction began in 1987 and took two years to be completed.

Manaira Shopping mall has as a large area inside of it called Game Station. This place includes 200 gaming machines and a bowling alley. Another really popular place to be entertained is Domus Hall which is on the roof of Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago added Domus Hall about 10 years ago. This is one of the largest concert halls in Joao Pessoa. It contains two floors with the top one being the one to hold public events in while the lower floor is for private events. It’s not just concerts that are held in Domus Hall as many fairs, weddings, graduations, and trade shows have been held there as well. Educational exhibitions are also held there which are often attended by groups of young students from area schools.

Another entertainment option that Roberto Santiago was able to bring to Manaira Shopping Mall is an 11 screen theater. Two of these screens have been upgraded with Active 3D technology. Beyond entertainment this mall also has an enormous food court area. Over the year he has added onto it so that know it can cater every taste and budget. Trip Advisor’s website is filled with positive reviews about the food court calling it one of the highlights of visiting Manaira Shopping Mall.

As a sportsman Roberto Santiago does kart racing and participates regularly in the Brazilian Kart Championship. He remains the only Brazilian person who has won this event. He also drives in state championship races where he has won many times. Additionally, he races in 250cc, 250vc, and 125 cc motocross racing where he has also won championships.

IC Solutions Provide Easy Payment Methods For Families

IC Solutions is a company that provides very advanced and innovative methods for an inmate, family, and friends to stay in communication. The fact is that staying in communication is vital for the prisoner and others that are on the outside world. The prisoner still feel connected with their families and friends. The family and friends are able to relay important information to the inmate that helps them continue to feel connected to the outside world. IC Solutions inmate telephone service also provides several methods for the family to pay for their service. Let’s review the most popular methods.


Debit Accounts

IC Solutions provide inmate telephone communication services along with a way to open a debit account to pay for the calls. Setting up a debit account provides the inmate with a method to contact any number that is not blocked. There are several methods to pay for the debit account. They include setting up an account online and paying with a credit card or debit card. Another option for those without Internet service, is to call the IC System Solutions telephone line and set up a debit account. It is also possible to pay for the inmate debit account through the mail with a check or money order.


Prepaid Accounts

Prepaid accounts are also another popular solution to pay for inmate calls to the family or friends. This is a popular way to cover calls for those that have a cellphone, those that have phones that do not offer 3rd party billing accounts. It is easy to set up a prepaid service account with IC Solutions online, through the phone, or via the mail.


Collect Calling

Collect Calling is a popular way for a family or friends to keep in touch without much hassle, if they already have a telephone line. The inmate is allowed to make a collect call to the friend or family member. The call is billed to the 3rd parties regular telephone bill. However, it is also important to remember that the telephone company may limit the number of monthly collect calls to protect their customers from high collect calling charges.