Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund and Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)

AWID is an international, multi-generational, and feminist organization committed to the advancement of gender equality, sustainable development, and women rights. Membership comprises academics, students, researchers, business people, development partners, policy makers, and donors.

Mission and Vision

AWID aspires to influence global women and feminist rights activists, movements, and organizations.

Its mission is to transform structures of power and decision-making, advance human rights, environmental stability, and gender justice. AWID envisions a world in which freedoms, human rights, gender justice, and ecological sustainability are a reality for everyone and the planet.


With the end of the United Nations Decade for Women, individuals from universities, development agencies, and CBOs discussed the role of women as beneficiaries and agents of the development process. They founded AWID as a platform for professionals fostering multi-sectoral dialogue and action.

In due time, AWID’s goal encompassed issues of women human rights, gender equality, and sustainable development. AWID works with activist groups, movements, and organizations to increase its visibility and capacity to influence structural change. The organization seeks the transformation of laws, policies, social norms, and individuals to promote girls and women rights across the world.

Thematic and Feminist Programs

Its various themes and feminist activities include:

 Resourcing women’s rights: AWID lobbies donors and global policy makers to increase commitment to gender justice and women’s rights. This involves narrowing the gap between activists and donors, collaborative research, resource mobilization, strengths and weakness analysis.

 Opposing religious fundamentalism: the organization counters religious fundamentalism through dialogue, advocacy, and collaborative projects.

 Economic justice: AWID adopts strategies that address failures of present economic models. For example, enhancing the capacity of women’ right advocates, supporting feminist rights, advancing feminist research, analysis, and documentation.

 Women’s rights defenders: the organization works in collaboration with regional and global networks to promote awareness of women rights activists.

Larkin & Lacey-Frontera Fund

With settlement money after their acquittal, Michael Lacey and Jim Larken formed the Frontera Fund to advance migrants in Arizona. Under their leadership, the Lacey and Larken Frontera Fund supports groups that promote human rights, civil rights as well as migrant rights. The Fund works with the Border Angels of San Diego focusing on immigration reforms and aversion of migrant fatalities.

Additionally, the Fund fights against the profiling of immigrants. Its programs address challenges that migrants face along the US-Mexico border. Frontera’s advocacy is designed to ensure human rights for all. Working alongside other organizations, the Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund defends migrants against all types of human rights abuses, discriminatory hiring policies, and racial profiling. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Recently, the Fund’s pilot project, Justice for Immigrants & Families Project (JIF) promotes and provides legal services to immigrants of Maricopa County. JIF trains and refers deserving cases to pro bono attorneys.

Also, the project conducts group workshops, legal consultations, provides self-help legal guides, and human rights education. JIF is Phoenix Legal Action Network’s pilot project in conjunction with pro bono attorneys to help protect and promote the rights of minorities and the marginalized in Arizona.

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Immigration Shall Be Integrated

Two of the most well-known immigration activists in the United States of America today are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men attended Arizona University with one another. There, they would start a small newspaper which would gain a strategic following. They would end up quitting University early in order to take the newspaper national. This newspaper often reports on the struggle that Hispanics face when coming to the United States of America.


One consistent problem that Hispanics face when coming United States of America is the extreme judgment and oppression and violence that comes from certain American people. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have often reported on the hate crimes committed toward the Hispanics by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.


The evil atrocities that this man has regularly committed would be enough to fill up an encyclopedia. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were the first to break the stories on how he persecuted Hispanic men and women who were locked up in one of his prison systems. They showed how he routinely brought Hispanic men out into the desert and worked them on the same level as a Siberian gulag would. To make matters worse, he often would not provide the necessary water for these men and many died of dehydration and heatstroke.


Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was not a fan of what Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were reporting. In retaliation, he violated their first amendment rights, broke into their homes, and arrested them under the cover of darkness. This illegal means of entry won Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin a settlement of nearly $3 million.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would use this money and start their advocacy group the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund promotes the American’s freedom of speech and fights for rights for immigrants.


Will Apple User’s Loyalty Extent To The Company’s New Payment Platform?

Later this year, iOS 11 users will finally be able to send peer-to-peer payments with iMessage. While Apple is going after PayPal and Square, only users with iOS devices can use iMessage, while the PayPal and Square apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Banks also are offering P2P payments through their apps. Since more people are using Android smartphones as opposed to iOS smartphones, iMessenger will have a relatively small market when you consider that iOS users who want to send P2P payments may already use PayPal, Square or another service, like Venmo, and not see any reason to switch. PayPal is by far the most popular P2P platform, however, if no one in an individual’s circle of friends uses PayPal, splitting the check in a restaurant can be awkward. Apple’s new P2P payment system is limited to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users.


Apple’s iMessenger could be simpler. Peer-to-peer payments go through Apple Pay but they occur in iMessenger. Money moves to an Apple Pay Cash Card, which lives in Apple’s Wallet app. While slightly confusing, iMessenger is already the most popular app from Apple, so users will find the P2P payment system familiar to them. Apple users are very loyal to the brand as well.


When Apple filed for the patent for its P2P payment platform, the company indicated that they might offer users the ability to send money through emails and telephone calls as well, although there was no announcement about these features yet.


P2P payment services typically do not generate revenue for the companies that offer them, however, experts speculate that Apple may use their new offering to generate enthusiasm for the Apple Pay service, which has not been exceptionally popular.


Bruce Bent’s Entrepreneurship Zeal

Bruce Bent II is the President and the Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a leading financial technology firm. Double Rock Corporation’s primary emphasis is providing the finance industry with the most innovative strategies of cash management. He also offers inventive cash-related solutions to banks, retail markets, and broker-dealer individuals. Bruce Bent is at the forefront of the leadership at Double Rock Corporation. Bent is the senior executive of Double Rock’s Corporation and its affiliates. The affiliates of the company are; Island Intellectual Property LLC, LIDs Capital LLC, and Access Control Advantage Inc.
Bruce Bent values the importance of studies in an individual’s life. Mr. Bent studied at Northeastern University where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Science. His knowledge has made him an expert in the entrepreneurial field. Bent’s entrepreneurial drive and vision have played a significant role in the success of his projects. Some of his technological development projects include the expansion of FDIC-insured programs and the cash sweep.
Before serving as the President of Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent worked at The Reserve as its President. The Reserve was a large money-market institution that was privately owned. The Reserve also funded the second largest money market in the world. Its headquarters are located in New York. Under the leadership of Bent, The Reserve’s distribution markets and product lines greatly expanded. Over 17 years, Bent managed to grow the product’s cash from $4 billion to over $130 billion.
Bruce Bent finds his day quite exciting. Mr. Bent does not have to sit at an office desk all day long. Bruce appreciates the effect of technology at his workstation. Bruce Bent says that as long as he has his phone and computer, he can be productive from anywhere. Bruce also values working as a team. Bruce consults smart people to bring his ideas to life.
Bruce is moved by the communication trend in the world. Bruce believes that soon, communication will determine the success of important business operations. He adds that communication will involve educating one another and cooperating different operations globally. Bent’s success in entrepreneurship is attributed by his enduring spirit.

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Driverless Cars Coming Soon

The car and auto industry has been one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world for the past fifty years. While cars on the road have always gone through periods of innovation, style improvements, and innovation, the industry appears set to be ready for another major improvement in terms of innovation in the next few years (


For the past few years, the concept of driverless cars has slowly been incorporated into modern driving. A few different popular cars has been built with the ability to be set to auto-drive while the car is on the highway. However, the ability to use it is still limited to just a few basic scenarios and is not meant to be a permanent option for driving. While self-driving cars seem to be going through a very slow period of development, it is believed that driverless cars could soon be much more common on the road.


Today, there are at least four different car manufacturers that are trying to be the first to unveil and sell a fully driverless car. These include both Tesla and Uber, both of which will have to go through a range of different regulatory and quality control inspections before a driverless car is allowed on the road.


Once these cars are allowed, there will be a lot of different issues that drives and owners will have to deal with. To start, it has yet to be determined what the laws will require out of drivers that are looking to have a driverless car. Since driverless cars will not be flawless, it may take an additional level of licensure to ensure a driver is able to override a system to take control of a car. A more concerning issue about driverless car is what could happen if the cars are hacked. Technically, a good hacker will be able to take over control of the car, which could be very dangerous if it happens.



Breaking Up Was Hard To Do For Taylor Swift

Just about all of Taylor Swift’s fans remember that the pop singer made a clean break with Spotify back in 2014. Spotify is a service that uses the new  streaming technology to offer access to millions of songs. However, Taylor Swift was all about shaking off the streaming service and locking down her music. Now, Spotify and Taylor Swift are making nice again. They’ve reunited to celebrate Swift’s album 1989 selling over 10 million albums. Now fans have access to the singer’s entire back catalog on the streaming service.


Spotify Fans News

The good news is that Taylor Swift’s music is back on track with Spotify’s paid members. The even better news is that the ad supported free version also offers Swift’s music to Spotify fans. Here is the deal. Spotify is actually one of the top streaming music services around. They are steadily growing and attracting more and more fans. Meanwhile, music industry insiders state that there is a massive decline in record sales, due to the popularity of streaming music services. Clearly, this led to numerous music stars like Taylor Swift, to reconsider their views on releasing their music on Spotify.


Previously, music artists were up in arms about royalties or the lack of royalties. Now, they realize that Spotify’s music streaming service is essentially a great promotional tool that helps them to market their material and sell tickets to their concerts. More and more musical artist are starting to embrace streaming services like Spotify because they are also a great vehicle to introduce a new league of fans to an artist’s musical library. In the future, streaming music will probably completely dominate the music scene.


Keeping Criminals in Jail Using Securus Technologies

I work on a fugitive task force in my state, and this year we were given a case that involved a thug who had a habit of getting violent with innocent victims around our community. Whether he was robbing your car or your wallet, if you resisted, he would make sure you suffered in pain. The only reason this suspect was on the street was because of a technicality, and I was determined to put him back in jail before he hurt someone else.


The biggest trouble we have with violent offenders like this is that they can snap at the slightest thing. Look at the suspect the wrong way in a supermarket, then he might pull a knife on you right there in the produce aisle. To complicate matters, this suspect had a huge network of family and friends that were all too happy to keep him hidden. The only thing going for me was the fact his brother and partner in crime was still in jail, so I decided to see if he would sing.


Normally an inmate like this would never talk, but I wanted to send a message here. By asking him questions, I knew h would run to the phones and call his brother at his first chance. Lucky for us, Securus Technologies just updated the prison inmate call monitoring system, and I was about to strike gold.


The LBS software alerted my team that the two were talking and speaking about making a big score so they both could get out of the country. That score involved holding up an armored truck, despite the guards armed to the teeth. When we were able to collect the details and position ourselves to follow that suspect, we took him down and back to jail to reunite him with his brother for a long time.


Artificial Intelligence: From Air Combat to Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects at least six million Americans each year, or roughly 4 percent of U.S. adults. Treatment typically involves some combination of mood-stabilizing or anti-psychotic medications and psychotherapy. However, recent discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence may prove revolutionary for individuals suffering from this condition.


Artificial intelligence, commonly known as “AI,” refers to intelligence exhibited by computerized machines. The idea revolves around a perceived need to create machines that can perform tasks previously limited to humans, such as those that involve decision-making. Essentially, the more technologically advanced we become, the more important it is to ensure that we can minimize human error.


One area where AI has shown great promise is in military applications. In air-to-air combat simulations, it has been known to outmaneuver even highly-skilled Air Force pilots. This same technology has now demonstrated a similar ability to predict how patients with bipolar disorder might respond to lithium treatment. Accurate predictions are difficult because of frequent fluctuations between periods of mania and depression. These fluctuations necessitate changes in treatment approaches, as they occur.


A new study conducted by the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine has shown that using AI can dramatically improve treatment effectiveness and efficiency. Various models have been employed by UC to predict how a particular patient might respond to lithium. The best of these models was known to be accurate 75 percent of the time. By comparison, the model employing AI was found to be accurate 100 percent of the time. Furthermore, it was 92 percent accurate in predicting when a patient’s manic symptoms were likely to decrease.


Artificial intelligence programs arrive at their conclusions based on generalizations, rather than specific definitions. They continuously refine their answers in a manner analogous to Darwin’s natural selection. Essentially, AI provides a way for doctors to use “fuzzy logic” to help them battle a notoriously difficult medical problem.


While it might seem as though air combat and medicine have little in common, they both involve an orderly process to arrive at the best possible decisions. While these new algorithms are clearly not sentient beings, as might be imagined in the world of science fiction, they are valuable tools that can be adapted to suit a large number of different applications.


My Mix Should Bump Up Amazon’s Sales

Simple ideas bring forth the potential to deliver huge revenues for a business. Even those running a multi-billion dollar company such as Amazon know this to be true. Amazon has produced incredibly innovative new business endeavors such as online streaming entertainment and other impressive concepts. A new development at Amazon is so simple one has to wonder why it took so long to arrive. The new arrival is called “My Mix.”


My Mix is simply provides personalized suggestions for purchases. My Mix is an add-on to “Interesting Finds”, the virtual gift shop that debuted not too long ago. My Mix serves two purposes. The first is, of course, to help Amazon earn money. The massively high stock price of Amazon reflects the company is doing well. Sales through its online platform contribute to this necessary result.


The other reason for My Mix’s existence is to help customers find the things they require at affordable prices. Since My Mix comes with no major obligations to purchase, the virtual platform hardly presents any pushy sales.


So, why did Amazon wait so long to deliver such a simple concept to its massive website?


Likely, My Mix really wasn’t needed. In the early days of Amazon and other sites such as eBay, the mere existence of the platform was more than enough to impress and engage shoppers. Such once cutting-edge sites are now part of the online landscape. Does this effect certain buying decisions?


These days, people know online purchasing is perennially available so enticements might be necessary to stimulate a purchasing choice.


Merely putting a number of suggestions right in front of a potential buyer could do more than enough to generate a sale. Now, sales do not need to be weekly or even monthly to be deemed a success. A customer who makes one or two extra buys a year through the presented suggestions helps out Amazon. Imagine if five million customers buy one or two items per year thanks to the suggestions. The figures add up.


Apple’s Business Chat Brings New Competition to Facebook

Apple is always on the move and always innovating. Maybe that is why the stock price seems to do so well so consistently. Debuting new products absolutely helps Apple succeed in the tech marketplace. The recent arrival of the new Business Chat continues the legacy of Apple’s ability to give the tech-craving public something else it wants or needs.


Business Chat is a rather generic name, but the name does get across what the new program does. The goal is to help facilitate business and customer service communications. The broader goal is more pronounced. Apple wants to use Business Chat to massively compete with Facebook Messenger. Business Chat is to take over the popular iMessage platform to the next level.


Expanded functions with Business Chat take the program to the proverbial next level and better increase chances for success.


New apps and programs find the road to public acceptance and popularity difficult. People like new things. They like new and improved things even more. What they do not like is uncertainty. Programs and apps bearing a name of a company they never heard of concerns them. With Apple, none of these problems arise. Apple is the quintessential tech company. Millions of loyal customers around the world faithfully purchase new releases. Customers who purchased Apple products for personal or business use in the past are sure to be enthusiastic about Business Chat.


Why did it take Apple so long to release a competitor to Facebook Messenger?


The Apple Watch puts forth an answer. The Apple Watch was bug-riddled and an embarrassment. The branding of the Apple Watch was ruined. Even fixing the watch brings forth no real solution. The name has been harmed in the public’s eye. As a whole, Apple is forgiven but the individual product is ruined. Management doubtfully wants to see the same thing occur with Business Chat.


Choosing to wait until business chat is near perfect makes sense. Apple’s brain trust knows what it’s doing.