Your Dogs Should Eat Well, Because You Love Them

To put it bluntly, poor nutrition for your dog means that their lifespan will be shorter, and we would all like to keep our friends a little longer. Although most of us would like to extend the lifespans of our dogs, it does not mean that we want that extended life if it is not fruitful and painless. Of course we love our old friends, but no one wants to extend their suffering in their advanced years. These are only a few of the drawbacks of the multiple problems associated with feeding your dog poorly. Poor nutrition causes severe joint pain in older dogs, and the onset can be fairly early into the latter parts of their adult years. This means that your pet will spend an extended amount of time in pain from joint issues, but also unhappy because of its immobility.

This poor health will also affect every other stage of the dog’s life. As puppies, these dogs will never fully develop into the full potential of their genetics. Additionally, even if they are active animals, they will be less energetic and energetic for less amounts of time than dogs with healthier feeding regimens.  There has to also be a distinction made here in feeding the dog a lot, and feeding the dog the correct amount of nutritious food. Feeding a dog more of the offending brand will only exacerbate the issues and possibly make the dog overweight or obese.

Living on a farm, we always fed our dogs Purina Beneful, and so did practically everybody else in the area. It is simply the best brand of food for all of our animals. When we are in areas of the country that do not have Purina as a staple, it is readily evident in all of their livestock and especially in their working dogs. We breed championship hunting dogs, and in field competitions, our dogs readily outperform all dogs that do not utilize a nutritious brand of dog food. We also outperform the people that feed their dogs natural meat products. People often anecdotally assume that natural meat is a superior food because it is dogs’ natural food, but that was when dogs were wolves.

Dogs today have issues sometimes, and because the science is more advanced, we understand that meat does not meet all of their nutritional needs. Additionally, this food can also invite parasites and other bacterial issues related to a raw meat or meat regimen. I find the balance in Purina’s Beneful brand. It is the most balanced, and I can meet each of the needs of my various dogs with their many offerings in both wet and dry foods. Their packaging very distinctly tells which types are best for each situation, and my finicky dogs readily eat each type with equal zeal.

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