Young Professionals Prefer Healthy Pet Foods for All Their Pets

Freshpet is one of the country’s new and innovative pet food companies is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has taken on the responsibility of producing fresh, wholesome, refrigerated dog food using only the freshest ingredients. Healthy pet food is the pet food for caring pet owners of the 21st century, and the ingredients are so fresh you might think it was a recipe for a Thanksgiving dinner. Freshpet manufactures the only refrigerated industrial dog food on the market, and this dog food is quickly rising in popularity and sales across the country.

Beneful is the closest, nutritious and wholesome dog food compared to Freshpet’s latest refrigerated innovation. Beneful, which is made by Purina Petcare, comes in eight delicious dry kibble varieties and over 20 canned varieties, so your canine pet will have a food what he or she really enjoys.

Purina’s goal is to provide healthy chow for their four-legged customers. This means to give your dog the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that he/she needs for energy to run and play all day long. Beneful feeds you dogs with healthy, nutritional products from puppy to senior. They also produce four different nutritious snacks to give your puppy the treat he deserves.

Beneful has earned five stars in their new complete dog food. The kibble comes in unique “Incredibles,” which allows for the differences in the size of the kibble to match the size of the dog; small bites for small dogs and larger bites for larger dogs.

The Beneful kibble is filled with meat, chicken, whole root vegetables and whole grains, and is easy to chew. Canned varieties include wholesome ingredients such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach with beef, turkey, chicken or salmon. These incredible flavors will give your pet an incredibly balanced meal every day.

The pet-owners of today are supporting a $23.7 billion pet-food industry on Amazon, and Freshpet and Beneful are the leaders in this fast-growing, whole food revolution in pet food. This generation is excited about the new options they have for their canine friends. Dog and cat owners alike are opting for a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for their pets.



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