Windows 10 Getting New Screenshot Tool in Next Update

Microsoft’s flagship operation system, Windows 10, will be getting an update in the near future known as Build 17661. Codenamed “Redstone 5”, there isn’t much known about exactly what we’ll be getting from the update. Among the number of fixes and features being introduced in this update that we are aware of, though, is a new screenshotting tool currently in testing this week.

Given that Windows 10 itself has so far been devoid of any efficient means of taking and sharing screenshots, various third-party apps like ShareX have routinely taken the stage to fill this need. Microsoft seems to have finally taken the hint that users would like this kind of feature in their operating system, introducing Screen Sketch as its own app.

Previously, Screen Sketch was simply a part of the Windows Ink software suite oriented for pen computing. With this update, Screen Sketch will be separated from Windows Ink, giving users easier access to screenshotting without losing any of the functionality that made it worthwhile before, namely the ability to draw on and annotate the screenshots taken through it.

The command to initiate Screen Sketch will become “winkey + shift + S”, which will bring up an area selection tool for users to pick how much of the screen they wish to capture. Once selected, a notification will give users the option to annotate and share their screenshots directly through the app. Traditional keyboard users will also have the option to replace the normal “winkey + printscreen” command for screenshotting with Screen Sketch, too.

Additional features of the update include tweaks to the control panel, Task View, and File Explorer, and new additions to Focus Assist’s ability to suppress notifications while you’re busy (it now blocks any that try to bother you while fullscreen in a game). More information is expected to come out during Microsoft’s Build developer conference next week.

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