Will NIO Give Electric Car Customers What They Want?

The future of electric cars comes with many question marks. At some point, these vehicles will become immensely popular. Electric cars offer a lot of things traditional diesel fuel cars deliver to customers. Electric cars, however, are a bit too new to attract large numbers of new customers. The Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO seems to understand focusing on user experiences may be the right way to build up customer numbers.

Izzy Zhu, NIO’s VP of User Development, has pointed out his company works very hard at creating the perfect hardware and software necessary to power an electric car. Zhu does stress that hardware and software must take a backseat to user experience and feedback. No matter how advanced the hardware or software might be, if the user experience ranks as poor, cars aren’t going to move in the market.

Poor user experiences mean a bad word of mouth, online reviews and more. Selling even the most advanced and sophisticated cars won’t exactly be easy when users dislike the models. Hence, revisions and improvements must be made based on user feedback.

One sign that NIO wishes to meet customer demands reveals itself in the current development of the E8. The E8 is the name fo the company’s new SUV model. A significant segment of car buyers maintains an affinity for the SUV. For families and active people, an SUV often delivers on needs. The sporty look of an SUV also appeals to those who wish to own a hip-looking vehicle.

One drawback with an SUV would be the cost of fuel. When fuel prices rise, the sales figures on SUV’s don’t always look great. Electric cars do present a cost-saving alternative when fuel prices increase. Manufacturing an electric SUV falls under the category of “meeting customer demands” and could draw more people into the electric vehicle market.

NIO wants to be a major player in the electric vehicle market. Making decisions designed to give customers what they want surely helps with succeeding in these plans.

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