Despite having various interests, Ara places an intent passion in forestry. According to him, the large tracks of natural uncultivated land play vital and complex roles to all living things. They provide resources and act as venues for activities such as recreation and athletic pursuit.


Being a forestry visionary, Ara Chackerian has played a significant role in providing tools and know-how skills on wilderness preservation to all nature amateurs. At the same time, he affirms the harvesting of natural resources, but only when a favorable development results from it. Naturally, wilderness areas come as one of the most productive in resources provision; hence great care should be involved while preserving them.


Ara Chackerian, like all other nature experts, agrees that no wilderness is like the other. This makes it important to ensure that precise and intricate planning is made before going into managing the different zones. This could be more effective if the public is made aware of the various conservation skills. You can check out arachackerian.com for more info.



Importance of natural vegetation

Revenue generation is currently one of the greatest achievements of forest conservation. Forest projects are continuously becoming a benefit to the wildlife, while at the same time generating income from the use of wood in the paper industry and sale of logs.


Forest’s threats and counteractive methods

Cases of forest fires were becoming a common threat. In the current days, Ara Chackerian and his partners are using scientific methods and modernized tools that curb the thinning of forests and diseases. Another most deployed method is the forest rotation.



Who is Ara Chackerian?

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneurial philanthropist and investor. After his graduation with a degree in marketing from Florida State University, Ara began his venture in enterprise and investing.


Currently, Mr. Chackerian is the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, a firm that finances growing healthcare companies. He also stands as the co-founder and a board member of TMS Health Solutions, a health facility that concentrates on patients that have developed resistance to treatment.


Whenever asked about how his ideas sprout to life, Ara simply states that ideas come from life experiences and only when an individual makes a conscious effort to focus on growth does brainchildren’s birth occur. For more info you can check out crunchbase.com




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