Wikipedia Editing Basics

Wikipedia is a site that attracts millions of visitors daily. The site is basically an encyclopedia that delivers instant information on a multitude of topics. However, the site differs in a number of ways from other information sites. Wikipedia allows the visitors to edit the articles on the web-site. For example, a visitor might choose to perform a slight edit or a very detailed edit. The fact is that Wikipedia exists because people across the Internet have contributed articles or edited work on the web pages and helped the site to grow.

Getting Started Editing
Here is something to take note of, before getting started. Registering on the site is optional. A contributor could easily start editing without registering. However, a serious contributor might prefer to register. Here is something else that is important to note. Some articles are locked down. Wikipedia writers are not allowed to edit those articles. Those articles usually have a lock icon in the top right side of the Wikipedia page. Don’t worry if that first page is locked down. There are millions of other pages that you are able to freely edit.

Many new contributors to Wikipedia like to jump right in and start editing their first article or even writing a complete article. However, it is suggested that the new contributor get familiar with the site and the article formats. Click around the site and read several articles on varied topics. Note the tone of the articles and the way they are composed. It is also suggested that the new writer take a look at the Wikipedia Editing Policy and Contributing to Wikipedia. Take it slow, and grow with the site.

Writing a Wikipedia article is tempting. Still, it is suggested that the new writer start by editing a few articles to really get familiar with the content on Wikipedia and the preferred writing style.

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