Why We Love Wen By Chaz (And You Should, Too!)

Originally, reviewed on Bustle, WEN Hair By Chaz, is a line of revolutionary cleansing conditioners created by Chaz Dean. This well-rounded hair care line has received many rave reviews since its inception. Dean originally created the product line for his celebrity clients in Hollywood, California. This cleansing conditioner provides salon quality results at home. Wen by Chaz takes the place of your traditional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. Having a five in one product like Wen by Chaz makes daily hair styling simple, and straightforward. Also, reducing the amount of hair products you need in the shower with you!
Wen hair by Chaz is known to work well with all hair textures with consistent application. Most users report on facebook feeling as though their hair is more manageable, moisturized, shinier, and stronger. If you are hesitant about the moisturizing aspect of this product because you have fine hair, you do not need to worry since this product is able to infuse moisture without weighing down the individual strands. Though for all hair types we recommend frequent styling, And if possible, daily styling to receive the optimal salon quality results. Giving yourself three weeks with this product maybe one of the best choices you make for your hair this year.

This cleansing conditioner has been carefully formulated to remove buildup from your hair while imbuing it with the rich moisture it desires. The sulfate free cleansing conditioner helps your hair to maintain its natural balance leaving your hair ultimately feeling smoother, thicker, and with the refreshing scent of sweet almond mint oil. The total user satisfaction in the majority of Wen by Chaz’s loyal users is the result of the extra care put into this formulation, and the quality of its ingredients. This product will not be matched by any other take-home hair care line. Wen hair can be purchased from Guthy-Renker and most salons nationwide.

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