Why Putin Cannot Be An Ally

ISIS is a threat many of us will recognizes. No one names their kids “Isis” anymore because of it, despite the fact that it is a pretty name and that of an Egyptian goddess. The reality is a harsh one, but George Soros recently wrote an article for Project Syndicate that states there is a threat much worse than ISIS showing its face in this day and age.
George Soros knows what he’s talking about. From the Open Society Foundations website, readers find out that he is the CEO and found of the Foundations. He created the Central European University after the Berlin Wall fell in hopes of promoting critical thinking. Furthermore, he is known for undermining communism with banned books.

On that note, Soros says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not an ally against ISIS. He has been speeding up the arrival of Syrian migrants to Turkey and Lebanon. Over 70,000 Syrians have been forced to leave Aleppo – which used to thrive with two million inhabitants – because Putin bombed it. He’s sending in ground reinforcements.

Why are Putin’s promises being taken at face value? He signed the Minsk Agreement with Ukraine, but has failed to hold up his end of the promise while Ukraine struggles with theirs. Despite talk of being willing to cooperate against ISIS, Putin has another plan in mind.

This plan of Putin’s is to make the European Union fall apart. Soros goes on to mention that Russia is due to bankrupt in 2017 – sooner if the issues aren’t fixed as soon as possible. The key to winning this race against time is to make the EU fall apart faster. Syrian migrants are the answer, Soros suggests, as he notes that Angela Merkel – chancellor of Germany – traveled to Turkey to beg them not to let more refugees into the EU.

He also notes how the financial crisis in 2008 has taught the EU how to get through a crisis. However, now five or six are coming at once. It could very simply be too much if they don’t find a way to fix the biggest issues and fast.

Soros closes his article by stating that Putin’s threat will be difficult enough to counter if everyone knows. When someone fails to recognize the threat, that’s when it gets even harder. They won’t known anything’s wrong. Simply put, Vladimir Putin is not going to be an ally now, or in the future. His past speaks volumes more about what he is likely to do than his words and empty promises.

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