Who is Eric Pulier? A Life of Innovation and Humble Beginnings

Eric Pulier was born a regular boy. He was not born into any sort of financial wellness, and lived a very typical childhood. Though he was born into a normal environment, he was not born normal. Eric Pulier has been an innovator, and placed himself on the road of entrepreneurship, at an early age. In the fourth grade he was programming PCs and in high school he started his own company of computer data bases. During these times, he worked odd jobs in his humble home town of New Jersey. He entered Harvard in 1984 and graduated with great honors four years later. In 1991 he became the founder of PDT, People Doing Things, a company that uses technology to help issues in education, health care, among others. Eric is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in presidency affairs, creating and executing the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997. Some of his other companies include Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform. Aside from building companies, he is also involved in helping others do the same, by aiding them in raising capital.


As far as education goes, Eric Pulier has the bragging rights that anyone would want to have, being a summa cum laude graduate from Harvard University. He spent his elementary, middle, and high school years in New Jersey, then, after graduating high school, headed off to Harvard. At Harvard, Eric studied literature and science, and graduated in the year 1988. Like many serial entrepreneurs, Eric Pulier does not stop learning, and one of his best book recommendations is “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think” by Peter Diamandis. He stresses the fact that technology and innovation is the only factor that keeps humanity moving towards a better future and this is what Eric believes in one hundred percent.

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Personal Life

Eric Pulier is a father of four. With four children to take care of, he uses his mornings to read and prepare for the day in serenity and free of distractions. Like many successful entrepreneurs and business owners, Eric uses a regular schedule and tries really hard to stay within the allotted time to each task. He carries a pen and notebook to be ready whenever a new idea pops into his head. This is something that the author Napoleon Hill mentions in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. A personal trait that has made him a success is his ability to take time to think a problem thoroughly. He then spends time writing the solution to it.


Eric understands that the life of an entrepreneur is that of solving problems, efficiently. He’s always been passionate about technology and its ability to help millions of people. His main philosophy is structured around finding a problem that can be solved with technology and then taking it into a large market. In his own words, “the best ideas in the world are useless if you do not have a way to bring them to a large market.” What good would an iPhone have in the hands of only a few individuals? Another one of his philosophies is being able to help fellow entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. He does this by being a venture capitalist, where his job is to review ideas and the team trying to execute them, to make sure it will be a productive use of his time and money.

Entrepreneurial Life

During his initial stage of entrepreneurship, it was easy for Eric Pulier to get his company into a profitable stage because he was able to implement his philosophies towards it. He figured out the logistics of his product and how it would be launched, by investing long periods of time into it. He soon figured out the three different aspects of running a successful company which are, managing cashflow, leading employees, and ongoing product development. There most certainly were times when he had to be extra diligent, but he internally knew that his ideas would end up successful. Looking at difficult times as a learning experience, Eric understood that these would only push him further into a successful entrepreneurship career.

When Eric Pulier founded Digital Evolution, an interactive agency, he had to rely on word of mouth marketing. Marketing was much different in 1994 than it is now, so customer support, word of mouth, & perseverance played a huge role in growing his customer base for this company. Now, he uses pay per click campaigns as one of the main marketing tools to attract customers. Like many entrepreneurs, Eric understands the value of keeping track of marketing campaigns, budgets, and conversions because it is too easy to blame a campaign and not know why it failed in the first place.

Self Awareness

Entrepreneurs are known for needing to have a very healthy ego. At the end of the day, this ego is what helps them believe in themselves and their ideas enough, but there has to be a healthy balance of self awareness as well. The ego cannot hinder an entrepreneur’s ability to realize the truth. Eric Pulier seems to have very strong self awareness. He understands that sometimes he can’t do it all himself and so he is able to understand what he needs help in and who, and when to delegate it. When asked what he thinks makes him successful, he responded with an answer that only the top entrepreneurs can relate to. He had to risk his own capital, and so, this made him take it more seriously. Selling his first company has been one of his happiest moments in business, because it was tangible proof of success, and a reward for the amount of time and energy it took to get to that point. It is like seeing a baby grow and then head off to college to become something bigger and better.

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