Whitney Wolfe Takes a Step Back to Go 100 Steps Forward into the Future

Bumble’s leader and esteemed CEO, Whitney Wolfe, is starting to get her company ready for 2019. She is expecting her company to do big things in the coming year. It’s the month of October and Wolfe is reflecting over the past events of 2018. While some people might think this is too early to reflect on the recent events of the past year; Wolfe is already taking stock of things that have happened. She takes a step back to go forward into the future.

Whitney Wolfe is the type of person that knows what must be done. She knows when change is necessary. More importantly, she knows how to bring about change. In 2018, Bumble went through a lot of changes and Whitney Wolfe was stretched to her limit. She had to help her husband Michael Herd to recover from a serious auto accident that nearly left her widowed back in 2017. Since the accident, she has been helping her husband to recover. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at Forbes.

Wofle’s marriage is intact but her sanity and company came under serious threats. A group of Neo-Nazis threatened Wolfe’s organization and it caused her to change how the company and the site operates. Whitney was not only worried about the personal security of her people she also was concerned about the misogynistic attitudes that are still prevalent in modern society.

Don’t forget that Bumble is a feminist-based company. The organization is first and foremost a dating site. However, Whitney Wolfe has made it much more. It is a platform that is designed to advance women’s rights and women causes in the world. She is even trying to get legislation passed that will make it illegal to perform misogynistic acts over the internet. Bumble has pretty much dominated the national market and is now pushing the site to countries overseas in 2019. That will be another big goal for Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe is also expanding Bumble into more ventures that will make the company more than just a dating site. She is turning Bumble into an organization and system for women’s rights. Bumble is on the verge of becoming a powerful company that will elevate the cause of women everywhere. The year 2019 is expected to be a big one for Bumble and Wolfe is excited about the coming changes.

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