Website Fixes to Help Reverse Search Engine Woes

A good position in the search engines is critical in order to receive the necessary traffic to make a website, blog, or other online entity relevant. Businesses positively do need traffic to flow in reliably or else internet-driven sales are going to be weak. When search engine rankings fall, things do have to be done to reverse the downward trajectory. Quick Sprout has some nice advice on what to do when search engines rankings take a dive.

A few of the steps to take are one’s people who do not work in the SEO world would think of. Adding long tail keyword links to other pages in the site would be one example of an overlooked tactic. The process does have to be a slow and deliberate one or else the search engines are going to think the process is not organic.

And the website has to move a lot quicker. Anything that is slowing down how the page loads is not good. Get rid of flash and scripts that are undermining the potential of the site. And don’t direct new inbound links to pages that are sinking in the rankings. Link to another page that has not been targeted for dropping by the search engines. Perhaps the internal links on this page would aid in directing traffic to other sections of the site.

Being consistent with updating new content on the site is vitally important as well. Old, outdated sites, blogs, and message boards that are rarely updated are considered “dead” by the search engines. As a result, the ranking of such sites falls precipitously.

Look into online reputation management companies like Reputation Management Fixers provide when something external may be causing problems for your website and brand. Social shares are very important to building up traffic and search engine ranking. If anything on social media or elsewhere is causing problems, the issue has to be addressed. See Reputation Management Fixers for insights on how to do just that.

Last, it might be a wise idea to completely change the design of the site. A complete makeover could help the cause of rebranding a website or blog and making more appealing to search engines and visitors.

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