Chances are that you may have tried Uber at least once in your life. Uber is a ride share program and it’s perfect in a variety of situations. Perhaps you are going out for a night of drinking and know that you don’t want to have your car with you. Or perhaps you don’t even have a car in the first place and you need to get somewhere quickly, and decently priced.

The one thing that Uber is known for is the fact that you complete all transactions through an app on your phone. It connects right through your credit card so you can pay and go. Folks at Anastasia Date ( agree that this is convenient except of course if you don’t have a credit card. Then what are you expected to do?

According to BuzzFeed┬áin Hyderabad, India they have a solution for that. They are now offering the option of paying with cash! It’s unknown if this will spread past India but for them it’s a great idea. Not everybody has a credit card, and it’s nice that Uber is taking this into consideration. There are people out there that get denied a ride every day because they don’t have the means to pay. They’re then forced to look at other options like taxis which offer cash or credit options.

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  1. Those can get more expensive and run less frequently however. Props to Uber though for thinking of both sides of the coin. There will soon be lots of happier India customers. It is a very useful tool that paper help has been able to prioritize this for as long as possible too.

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