The Rise of Ambient Energy Harvesting

There has been a new hope that is rising on the edge of technology where ambient energy has for the first time powered a cellphone. Ambient energy technology is an energy field that is created by all living things everywhere. Now, since the energy we are talking about is all around us, it is a force that can be used to charge our cellphones by only the use of radio waves and not with a battery. The latest development has been ‘ ambient energy harvesting’ which has sparked interests in the energy field.

What is so important with ambient energy?

To show you how important this development is, the University of Washington have invented the cell phone that does not need batteries. This is a shift from the era of chargers and power backups and phones that lose charge. This new phone works differently by harvesting ambient light or radio signals to power the phone. The phone functions just like the ones we have; it can receive calls and even use some apps like Skype.

A new cellphone

The University of Washington has come up with a cellphone that works by consuming almost close to no power. To come up with a phone that consumed very little power for it to run had to shift the mindset of how to approach the development of a smartphone that can adapt to the new source of energy.

Functions of the new phone

The phone does the simple operations and requires pressing a button to listen and speak. The energy that is harvested from ambient energy is not enough to allow a user to speak and listen at the same time. In essence, the power that is being harvested by the ambient light or radio is in the range of 1 to 10 microwatts. It is tough to achieve the real-time application of the functionalities of the phone.

The future holds bright for this technology as it will increase the range of operations on the phone and also have more features for users to experience.

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