The Making of the Birth Control Emoji

Emojis are small characters that represent a certain feeling, emotion or idea. These characters are often created as a digital image or in the form of a digital icon. They are often used for electronic communication purposes. People place emojis in emails, texts and in posts.

When it comes to making an emoji, there is a governing body that authorizes their creation and use. This governing body is known as the Unicode Standard and it is operated by 12 tech companies and the government of Oman. Some of the 12 tech company members include Facebook, Apple, Huawei, Google, Facebook and Shopify. All of these companies are required to pay $18,000 a year to be voting members.

There is also another emoji creation organization that is not as official as the Unicode Standard. It is known as Emojination. One of Emojination’s founders is Jennifer 8. Lee. She helps people to get emoji included into the Unicode Standard. This process is not easy since members have to vote on what will and won’t be included.

One of the latest emojis that Lee is trying to endorse is known as the Birth Control Emoji. This character is now being considered for inclusion into the emoji database. Huffington Post ran an article about this story in the month of May 2018. According to that article, the Birth Control Emoji is designed to represent the current situations regarding birth control and sexual safety. This emoji is also supposed to represent women who decide not to have children, even though they are sexually active.

The Birth Control Emoji was created by Nora Hamada and her friend Megan Giller. These two women turned to Lee and Emojination to help make their Birth Control Emoji an official edition to the Unicode Standard. These two women want this emoji to also represent feminism and gender equality. The Birth Control Emoji is now being considered for addition to the Unicode Standard. If accepted, people could start seeing the Birth Control Emoji sometime around June of 2018.

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