The Leadership Roles Of Sheldon Lavin As The CEO Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has been in the leadership of OSI for many decades now. His kick-started started in 1970 where he was a bank executive and an investment manager. The predecessors of OSI Group went by the name Otto $ Sons were trying to raise enough revenue to undergo a significant and aggressive expansion. Lavin played a crucial role in the plans of sourcing out funds. His contribution to this move was so vital that Otto $ Sons bank asked him to take an ownership stake in the company to which he declined.

However, he continued to play a significant role in the organization. This saw Sheldon Lavin become a company partner in 1975 when the company was sourcing out more funds for more expansion overseas. It is the same year that the company changed to OSI Industries.

MacDonald’s who is the primary client to OSI asked Sheldon Lavin to make his full commitment to OSI. The management of MacDonald realized that the company was on the blink of breaking into the International market. Therefore they wanted a hand that could be trusted leading this transition. This is how Lavin became the CEO and the Chairman of OSI.

Under the leadership of Lavin OSI continued to grow extraordinarily. Soon after one of the partners choose to take his retirement which meant that Lavin now had one half controlling interest in the organization. The early 2000Ss saw the retirement of the last partner and Lavin now had full voting in the corporation. The CEO says that if he had not seen the possibility of helping OSI grow into something big he would have stuck to his career.

One of the things that Lavin has incorporated in the organization is the Sustainability efforts. These efforts have been noticed and have led to some of the most prestigious awards. Sheldon has also received recognition with the most notable one being from India Vision World Academy who presented him with a Global Visionary Award in 2016.

Sheldon Lavin says that he is very proud of the work he has one at OSI. He says that his commitment to the company has always been focused on ensuring that the welfare of employees and the company are well maintained.


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