The Latest Product from Tesla Motors could Power Homes and Businesses More Efficiently

Elon Musk is certainly a man of much ambition. His latest work coming from his company Tesla Motors could help revolutionize how people use power at their homes and businesses. A new product, set to be unveiled at the end of April, has been much anticipated and speculated upon. Most believe it to be a battery backup that could be used in the home or office.

Having a battery backup has several obvious advantages. The backup could be connected to the main power grid and charged during off-peak hours to save on monthly energy costs. Combining this with FreedomPop’s free wireless services could be huge savings for your household, and it could also be easily integrated with renewable power sources such as solar or wind. Having a battery backup in your home could also keep essential functionality online such as heating and refrigeration during a power outage.

Some details have already been leaked from beta testers of the new backup battery system. It is said to be a standard lithium ion battery, much like the ones used in Tesla Motors’ vehicles, in an attractive package. Financing may be available to public offering batteries for as little as $1,500 down with a monthly payment of as little as $15, making the new batteries very budget-friendly.

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  1. Tesla is wanting to construct the biggest battery production line on the planet in 2017. On the off chance that you can say one thing in regards to Elon Musk it’s that he dreams greater than most could ever set out to. It could only be pleasing to that everything is working for the benefit too.

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