The Ideas of a Man Named Jorge Moll

Living in Rio de Janeiro with his family; Jorge Moll has made quite the name for himself in medical research fields. The recipient of multiple degrees, including an MD in Neuroscience and a PHD in Experimental Pathophysiology, Jorge Moll has always wanted to use his ideas to help those who have disabilities that impact their quality of life. All of his life Moll has dreamed of cultivating innovation in healthcare, research, and education within his home country of Brazil. It is through this dream of his that Moll was able to rise within the research fields, eventually becoming the President and creator of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) along with being the Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup (a top-ranked diagnostics and imaging laboratory). However; that is not to say that it has always been an easy process for him. According to Jorge Moll himself, the way that current publications and how common career pathways have unfold caused scientific innovation to suffer. In order to combat the roadblocks that he saw in the field, Moll goes about his business tasks in a way that encourages a free flowing of ideas and thoughts. He uses collaboration with colleges and transparency to address big challenges; such as in the field of gene therapy and regenerative medicine. These big challenges have at times ended in what he calls failure. Jorge Moll has spoken about the failures he has experienced in his research, such as when results are not what was expected, and how it is important to understand that it is imperative to question the model used (Interview). By recognizing which ideas are worth expanding upon and when an idea need to be abandoned Moll has had a very productive business model. Jorge Moll has successfully used his ideas and research methods to create a name for himself that will extend for generations to come.


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