The Concerns That Roseann Bennett Has When It Comes To Telemedicine

Roseann Bennett has dedicated her career to assisting those people that might be in need. As the co-founder of Center for Treatment that is a profit organization that deals with mental health issues located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Bennett attended Seton Hall University where she attained her MA and Ed.S. that is in marriage and family therapy.

Roseann Bennett has gained her license from the licensed marriage and family therapist, and that’s not all she has her masters certification that she got from REACH Institute. When it comes to the Clinical Trauma Professionalism, she has the needed accreditation and the Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional she has the certification too.

She has given her best when it’s come to the Center for Treatment and Assessment because she has the passion needed in the project. From the time it was founded it has taken hard work to get the business to the success level it has now. Together with the help of Dr. Todd Bennett, they ensure that the patients will receive the assistance that they may need when it comes to the mental health issues, regardless of their financial situation. Bennett is a dedicated caregiver that uses her hard work to make changes in how people view mental health issues and making sure that the treatment plans will be accessible to anyone in need. The recent month of mental health awareness led her to address the thing that has been trending that is telemedicine. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A

There are so many advantages that telemedicine will bring the patients, but Roseann Bennett advices that it does not become the complete replacement to the therapist interaction. The way that telemedicine work is that through the use of technology, telecommunication can be used so that to communicate with the patients from a distance.

There are so many ways that can be used one being the sending a picture to the physician after getting an allergic reaction thus getting a prescription for the allergy. The patients and the doctor can communicate without the patients having to visit the hospital. Just by use of the email or the phones then a patient can get the information needed.


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