Talkspace the New York-based Therapy App

Therapy is essential whenever one is having a mild or a severe health condition. However, in most instances, the exorbitant fees charged usually prevent some American patients from accessing in-person therapy. Talkspace offers text-based treatment by allowing clients to have asynchronous text chats with licensed therapists. It runs ads on Facebook and Pinterest.

Talkspace is ideal for writers, travelers and people suffering from depression or anxiety. One can easily communicate through texting instead of face-to-face talks. You can also use it while on a journey since one is consistently in touch with therapists. The app has helped many people to recover from various health complications.

Advantages of Using Talkspace Therapy

Affordability: One can pay $128 a month to get unlimited access to a therapist. Most specialists are usually available for five days in a week. At only $32 a week, Talkspace is affordable compared to in-person sessions that could cost as much as $300 per session.

Anonymity: With Talkspace, your confidentiality is guaranteed. You can select a username and decide whether a therapist should know your name. This feature is useful to people who are afraid of being stigmatized or embarrasses due to seeking medical advice.

Convenience: A patient can access therapy from anywhere. You are not required to book appointments before interacting with a therapist.

Freedom to change therapists: In case you are not comfortable with a particular therapist, the application allows you to choose another one. It is not the case with in-person therapy as you are attended to by the specialist who you find at a clinic.

User friendliness: You can share audio, photos, and images with other people on social media platforms. One can also access a chat through a computer or a phone.

Most young people prefer text-based therapy. It eliminates the need for one to visit a clinic to get medical attention. Talkspace app is commonly used in most American states.

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