Susan McGalla Shares Tips On How To Make Leaders Out Of Employees

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businesswoman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Having worked in companies like Wet Seal and American Outfitters, Susan McGalla understands leadership like no other. One of the most underappreciated facets of leadership is making leaders out of employees. Eventually, a manager gets promoted and there needs to be a person on the bench who would be able to fill that very important spot. So, what does a manager do in that instance? The process of inspiring leadership is not just related to motivation, it has to begin from Day 1.

Here are some top tips from Susan McGalla –
Teach Employees How To Network – The first tip Susan McGalla offers is regarding networking, an important leadership role. If there is an employee or team member who shows potential for leadership, leaders should take them along during important networking events. This would teach employees how to be confident in formal situations, forge long lasting connections with people, and practically employ quid pro quo with prospective clients looking for the same opportunities. A leader needs these skills to further their ambitions in the industry and by equipping employees with these skills at an early time in their career.

Offer Bigger Responsibilities – In order to move up the leadership ladder, there are certain key responsibilities that only leaders are supposed to undertake. For instance, managers make project presentations and then, they present them. They also help newly hired employees become acquainted with the company norms. Sometimes, managers have a lot of work overseeing how all their projects are continuing. Susan McGalla recommends that leaders should ask their employees to sit in on those presentations and eventually, create and finish it themselves. They can delegate certain responsibilities to help these budding leaders.

Create A Culture Of Initiative – When a manager is stuck with a budget or finance sheet, the finance manager comes to their rescue. However, when employees make these budgets or finances, they come to the manager. Usually, the manager sorts out the problem and undertakes it from there on. However, leaders trying to inspire leadership in their employees should try not to do this, says Susan McGalla. They should generate a culture where future leaders of the company would figure out solutions to the problem themselves.

Delegate Authority – After everything, teaching and the above tips are still theoretical and Susan McGalla says that the best way to inspire leadership is through trust. If employees never get out of theory, they would be poor leaders when such a time arrives. As such, leaders should allow their employees to make certain decisions on their own after they have proven their worth. This would ensure that they are accountable for the decisions they have taken and know how to explain their choices to their peers and superiors.

With these big tips, leaders would find that they do not have a dearth of people to fill their shoes.

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  1. This would mean that when there is a finance related trouble, they should be confident enough to speak to the Finance Dept. Head on their own. This has led so many people to believe that review has what it takes to do the needful.

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