Stephen Murray’s Leadership Of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a great investment strategist, credit analyst, buyout guru and great leader in the business world, particularly in private equities. Through his leadership, investment firm CCMP Capital made big steps in the markets by raising funds and providing a platform for companies to use capital and succeed. The companies they’ve sponsored include Cabela’s, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Pinnacle Foods, The Hillman Group and many other retailers that make up a rich portfolio for CCMP. In fact some of CCMP’s chair members and executives are former managers of retail and fast food franchise outlets including Greg Brenneman their current CEO, and Doug Cahill a managing director. But none of CCMP’s current holdings would’ve been possible without Stephen Murray’s expertise.

Murray had a knack for making excellent decisions and superb deals. He began his journey as an investor upon graduating Boston College and joining Manufacturers Hanover Bank as a credit analyst. His savvy work got him promoted quickly to Vice President of the bank’s leveraged-finance firm, and there he got into private equity investments and asset management. Manufacturers Hanover became Chemical Bank, which was soon purchased by Chase Bank of Manhattan, and all of these soon became one conglomerate of JP Morgan. Murray soon was head of the buyout division, a department that although owned by JP Morgan and even titled JP Morgan & Partners LLC, had some autonomy within the bank itself.

JP Morgan & Partners operated under the parent bank for about 6 years, but due to some conflict of interest concerns, they decided to split off and become an independent firm though they still conduct business with the bank. The firm became known as CCMP, an acronym that combined all of their previous bank names into one and Murray was CEO of CCMP for over 7 years. The firm had no trouble attracting private equity investors and in a short time, they attracted $3.4 billion funds in 2007 topped later by 3.6 billion at the closing quarter of 2014.

Murray was highly respected and commended for his work with CCMP, but it unfortunately came to an end early in 2015 when health problems forced him to retire and eventually caused his passing away. Brenneman offered sincere condolences and counts Murray as a great leader and friend, hoping to continue the direction of the company that Murray started. Murray also did philanthropy for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and local food banks.

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