Southridge Capital: Leading in the market with growth companies

Southridge Capital was created by Stephen M Hicks based off of luck and circumstance. The CEO and owner had currently worked at a hedge fund in New York until the head partner announced that he had to return to Australia. It took about a year to get everything ready in order to close the company. At this time, he knew it was also a good opportunity for him to open up his own hedge fund and, therefore, Southridge Capital was born. The business took off and made its way but in the market leading the charge as a financial solution holding company were clients became accustomed to using their services over the years. Southridge forged its own path in a competitive market and still was able to be successful regarding investment upwards of 1.8 billion dollars in capital.


Southridge Capital has reached locations such as Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Hicks states that cryptocurrency and pot are becoming a new trend that he is very excited about. He understands in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, he must adhere to daily tasks and complete them. In addition to that, him and his team consistently track all portfolios for clients to ensure cash proceeds are happening. Though he does not have a regular or standard routine that gets him going in the morning, however, he does have specific duties that he must accomplish each day to feel successful. You can visit their website



Hicks background of 30 years is within risk management, finance and investments. His schooling entail a B.S. in Business Administration from King’s college and then receiving a MBA from Fordham University. In his current position with Southridge Capital, he focuses on strategy regarding planning and development. He knows that in order to get success it comes down to experience and knowledge when it comes to creating business plans that generate profits and allow companies to expand. One book that Hicks does recommend for those to read is called Titan. This biography of Rockefeller and his life is very inspirational to Hick when finding out how this great man accomplished his successes and dealt with his failures.


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