SmugMug Takes a Chance and Buy Flickr

Flickr’s best days may still be ahead of it. At least that is the hope of SmugMug, the company that recently acquired the one-time popular social media platform. The stated goal of SmugMug’s management involves “revitalizing” Flickr, a noble goal that may prove difficult. Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon, couldn’t do much with Flickr. Hence, Oath/Verizon now chooses to sell it off. SmugMug thinks it can restore Flickr to its former glory.

Flickr debuted a popular concept when its community arrived on the online landscape: photo-sharing. People love to take and share pictures. Flickr became a user-friendly and well-trafficked venue in which to do so. A huge community quickly amassed among the user accounts comprising Flickr’s membership. While Flickr always delivered on its promises to members, the popularity of Flickr seemed to fade. Unfortunately, most people prefer to use Facebook for pretty much everything with photo-sharing included. Flickr, like MySpace and others, couldn’t compete and somewhat faded.

The idea that there’s no room for any other social media or digital media platform outside of Facebook seems a bit overly pessimistic. With hundreds of millions of people using the internet for business and social purposes, it would make sense that a decent percentage would embrace a smaller, purpose-focused platform. Perhaps the ability to target a smaller niche of users hinges on the ability to develop a solid marketing and management strategy.

SmugMug believes it’s up to the challenge. Honestly, SmugMug truly needs to succeed with whatever plans the company has for Flickr. Attempting to revitalize the platform and failing means the company will be out of an incredible sum of money. The acquisition price from Verizon surely comes with a steep figure.

SmugMug might be better primed to run Flickr in a profitable and successful manner. SmugMug specializes in photos and images. With Oath/Verizon, Flickr becomes “one of many properties” owned by the telecommunications giant. Sometimes, a more personal managerial touch is necessary for success.

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