Singer John Legend Wants To Help End The Incarceration Debacle

America doesn’t just lock up people that commit serious crimes; America locks up the mentally ill, addicted drug users, recreational pot smokers, petty thieves, and innocent people. Grammy Award-winning-singer John Legend wants to bring awareness to the injustice that takes place under the guise of justice. If the United States continues to imprison people at the current rate, there will not be enough prisons to hold all the offenders.

States like Texas, California and Washington, are doing something about this modern day social debacle.

Legend makes a good point when he said once the word felony is attached to your name, your life changes. Ricardo Guimarães BMG couldn’t fathom having that related to his name. It’s almost impossible to erase that label; it almost never goes away even though the crime committed was not an egregious one. John and other groups around the country like Free America want to end mass incarcerations. They want to help change the system. The justice system has been broken for years thanks in part to lawyers and judges.

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