Sanjay Shah’s Initiative

Sanjay Shah is not only a hard worker, but is also a philanthropist, a financial expert, as well as a father who has dedicated his entire career to providing for his family and to build a career that enables him to become closer with loved ones. Sanjay Shah Denmark is the proud leader of an investment firm that is based in London that is known as the Solo Capital investment firm. This investment firm was started as a result of the 2008 financial crisis which left millions of individuals all over the world without a job and without investments for the future.

The goal of Sanjay Shah and his investment firm is to provide individuals with the financial advice that they need that will earn the trust back of the public and will show individuals that investments continue to have a high rate of return. This investment firm is particularly interested in offering individuals advice about investments within industries such as the renewable energy industry. Not only will this industry provide a high rate of return, but this investment will lead to secure returns as the industry continues to grow and to flourish. As an investor and an investment expert, he is truly an individual for the people.

In addition to being a financial expert, Sanjay Shah is also an individual that provides for his family and makes every important decision in his life with his family in mind. Recently, Mr. Shah’s young son was diagnosed with autism, a development disorder that not only affects how his son communicates, but also affects how his son processes information. As a result of this diagnosis, Mr. Shah has dedicated much time and money to finding out more about this development disorder which has already affected so many children as well as their parents in the process.

As a result of this diagnosis, Sanjay Shah started up a foundation that is known as Autism Rocks, a foundation that hosts several events per year and raises money for the research of autism. Sanjay Shah is not looking for a cure to autism, but is instead looking to learn more about the disorder to not only help his family, but other families around the world. His many annual events have many big names performing such as Tyga, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and even Snoop Dogg. Sanjay Shah has already helped to donate millions to the research of autism.

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