Rubica Helped After I Was Hacked

They are the three words no business owner or private individual want to say, but I was forced to utter when I contacted Rubica to tell them I was hacked. We have all seen the major ransomware attacks taking place over recent years and, I for one always hoped I would not fall victim to this form of cyber attack; I was amazed to discover some groups believe cyber attacks will cost business an amazing $21 trillion by 2021. Once I turned on my computer and realized I was hacked I started doing some research into the problem of cyber attacks. As one of those affected by the May 2017 WannaCry attack, I quickly looked for the best ways of handling the loss of my privacy and personal information.

After I was hacked I decided I should look for a one stop, simple solution to the issues I was seeing following the attack that left me stranded without my personal computer. I decided to choose Rubica, a company that offers a complete cybersecurity package in one simple to use app; an added bonus for me was being able to call a sales specialist and tell them “I was hacked” and get some real time assistance to handle my cyber security issues.


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