Resurrection: Is Microsoft Making a Comeback?

With the release of the Apple Watch last week and a growing number of third-party indie developers of new technology you may be wondering “Where is Microsoft in all this?” While you may have not heard about their plans, this industry giant is poised to make a giant comeback within the next 3 years. To be approximate, a billion devices in 3 short years.

 Since then, this information age has shifted towards the use of mobile devices, but Microsoft has yet to capitalize on this new shift according to Torchin. So what caused this failure? Does this have something to do with their huge plans?Due to a shift in vision around the new millennium in an attempt to dictate the market instead of giving focus on what consumers wanted, Microsoft had a number of failures from Zune, Vista, and even Windows 8.

Microsoft’s ambitious plan plans on making Windows 10 an operating sensation on 1 billion devices by 3 years, though it has to make up for lost time if it wants to be considered seriously. Both Android and iOS have an application advantage over the latecomer, but Windows is confident. By adopting a new system that will make it beyond simple for Developers to create new apps on a basic browser, Microsoft hopes this will attract enough attention to merit a catch up period.


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